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50 Make-up tips and tricks every woman should know!


Lip services:

39. Whether going for a bold lip or a nude on, no one likes to see cracked lips underneath that gorgeous lip colour. So prepping your lips is a must. The first step to a perfect pout is exfoliation. Exfoliate your lips on a regular basis for smooth lips devoid of any flaking, dead skin. Buy a lip scrub or make one at home by simply mixing olive oil and sugar.


40. Plump lips are god’s perfect gift. We are talking of Angelina Jolie’s oh-so-sexy pucker. Achieving plump lips without the painful surgeries is quite easy, but the effects are temporary. Take a mixture of ground cinnamon and olive oil. Pick up this mixture on to the bristles of your old toothbrush and brush your lips with it. The cinnamon has a warming effect on your lips and can give a mild tingling sensation on the lips, which is a sure shot indication that the product is working.

41. If you have really thin lips, not that it is anything to be ashamed of, and want bigger looking lips; try this. Use a matte lip liner in a shade similar to your lipstick and line the lips just outside your natural lip line. When I mean ‘just’ outside, I mean slightly above the lips, do not go overboard.

42. For fuller looking luscious lips, opt for lipsticks that have a glossier finish and stay away from true mattes. Top off the glossy lipsticks with just a hint of nude gloss, just in the centre of the lips, both top and bottom. The centre areas of the lips reflect the most light, making the lips fuller.


43. When applying a bold lip colour, prep your leaves and then cover them with your favourite foundation, dabbing it gently. This creates a much smoother and clean canvas for your lipstick to pop out more, making the colour on your lips look more vibrant.

44. Trying to get used to the red-lipstick trend, but not yet confident about it? We have a solution. Apply your favourite red lippie, and then blend it with your fingers. This way you can wear your lipstick as a stain without feeling conscious of the colour. This trick is applicable even to other bold colours you may want to try.

45. Make your lipstick last for much longer by this simple trick. After completing your lipstick routine, hold a piece of tissue paper and dust on a thin layer of your powder to seal the deal.

lip blot

46. Buying a new shade of lipstick but confused if it would suit your skin tone? Try swatching it on your fingertips instead of the back of your hands. This way you can hold the colour against your lips and see the appearance. Even if there is no mirror, the skin on your fingertips is much more similar to your lips, so it’s a better gauge.

47. In order to avoid feathering of your lip color, or even if you have fine wrinkles on the edges of your lips, try using a chapstick. Not on the lips though. Purse your lips gently and smooth your lip balm or chapstick over the edges, thereby sealing them.

48. Apply a thin layer of a concealer, a few shades lighter than your foundation on your lips before applying lipstick, to give the allusion of plump lips. The trick here is to apply it very thinly, try using a clean brush instead of fingers for this.


49. After applying a darker shade of lipstick, take your concealer on your precision concealer brush and clean away all the little, uneven lines which can ruin the entire look. Nothings worse than an undefined bold lip, aren’t it?

50. For natural looking full lips, try using lip balms and glosses which have menthol extract in them. Or else try mixing a tiny amount of cinnamon oil to your favourite lip gloss for the desired plumping effect.

So here you have it girlies. 50 most useful and basic make-up tips and tricks all of us tend to overlook at times, but are real gold. So go ahead, try and incorporate all or some of the tricks I compiled for you, and let me know what you think of them.
Stay pretty. <3

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