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All About The Silisponge– Is It Worth Investing?


Hello, my beauties!

If you are someone who has been a makeup junkie since long, then you must be aware of this super weird yet super cute thing called the Silisponge. What exactly is a silisponge, one may ask? So for all those who do not know, a silisponge is a millennial rendition of a beauty blender made of silicone instead of the conventional latex. It is essentially a thick silicone bed which is used for base-makeup application and blending. But does it really blend out your makeup and give you a flawless foundation application? Let us read more to know about it.

How Does A Silisponge Work?

  1. This see-through, cutlet-like tool has a non-porous silicone surface (made out of silicone and encapsulated in a super-flexible material called thermoplastic polyurethane) that won’t soak in your foundation, highlighter, or cream blush (yay, less product wastage!).
  2. Because of its smooth texture, you don’t have to use as much product, and it’s easy AF to clean because all you do is rinse it off with soap and water, and you’re done! You don’t have to wait for it to dry, nor do you have to wait until the water runs clear like you do when you’re cleaning makeup brushes — you literally just wash and go.
  3. It lasts longer than a makeup sponge; just replace it when it starts to look weathered.


Is It Worth Investing In The Original Silisponge?

So the original silisponge, which in launched in the beauty industry by an Indi Brand named Molly Cosmetics retails for about 10$ and is honestly really difficult to get it here in India. You’ll have to pay a ton lot of shipping and customs charges if you decide to get it for yourself. But is it really necessary to splurge on something a basic when in reality you have some amazing Asian shopping e-portals like Zaful which are more than happy to make the silisponge available to you at 1/4th of the price of the original stuff; while providing top notch quality? I say no!


The Silisponge At Zaful–Review!

Zaful is one of my go to shopping websites when it comes to makeup accessories and plus size clothes, so without another thought, I ended up ordering one of these babies which cost just about 2.50 $ and is h0noestly, nothing less than a steal. The original silisponge is meant to be sturdy yet bendable and rather rubbery, and that is precisely what this is. The sponge is really dense and is just the perfect applicator to put your foundation or any liquid makeup for that case. But what one needs to understand is that these are not what beauty blender dreams are made of. These just can’t blur out the foundation to perfection and just makes it like it is sitting on top of the skin without actually being buffed out.


But on the positive end, this product is a bomb for blending out your contour. Place the product and just use this to blur it out and you’ll see what I am talking about. I pick this one up each time I want a pretty sharp and strong contour. Love it for contouring.

TCP Rating : 3.5/5

Have you tried the Zaful Silisponge Makeup blender yet?

If not, you can find it here:



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