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B U Forever Raspberry Hand Treats Review

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Hello curvies,

With summers blooming int heir full glory, along with my damaged skin, my hands have been craving some attention so bad. Almost all skincare brands launch their iridescent summer collections with delectable, summery, fruity floral scents and flavors–and B U Forever did just the same by launching their Raspberry Hand Treats Kit. After having finished my kit in a time span of 3 weeks, here I am with a full-fledged review of the kit which is not just convenient to use but is very travel-friendly because of the miniature size bottles. 

B U Forever Hand Kits come in two variants–chocolate and raspberry. And however much I love chocolate, summer months call for a fruity raspberry treat and hence my choice.

What Does The Raspberry Hand Kit Consist of?

The kit comes in a cute little blue floral cardboard box which has three miniature bottles each of:

  1. Raspberry Hand Softener: Extracts of Honey, Olive Oil. Acts as a natural antioxidant to protect skin, Keeps the skin healthy, soft, hydrated and nourished. Active Ingredients: Honey, Olive Oil, Musk, Raspberry Oil
  2. Raspberry Hand Scrub: Contains Apricot Shell Powder, Almond extracts, and flavanols, which penetrate the skin to moisturize from within. Aids in firming the skin texture and removes dead skin. Suitable for the dry and sensitive skin. Active Ingredients: Almond Extract, Honey, Wheat Germ Oil, Orange Peel Powder, Apricot Shell Powder with Vitamin A, B17, and E. 
  3. Raspberry Hand Moisturiser: Contains burnt cane sugar as a humectant, which attracts and seal moisture into the skin. The lightweight formula enriched with Vitamin A, C and E penetrate deep into the skin to induce visible radiance. Active Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Natural Oils, Honey, Light Liquid Paraffin, Emulsifying Wax.

Apart from the three miniature plastic bottles, the kit also comes with a tiny little 6ml bottle of raspberry cuticle oil.

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Price: 449 Rs

B U Forever Raspberry Cuticle Oil Review:

My Kit came with a 6ml sample of Raspberry Cuticle Oil which retails for 100 INR essentially. To start it off, it smells heavenly, is the perfect consistency for a cuticle oil and does not get cloudy when left opened for a little longer than usual. After the entire session, just 2-3 drops of the oil take care of all my fingernails and leave them essentially nourished and more polished looking. My cuticles have definitely improved during the three weeks I have been using it.

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How To Use The Raspberry Hand Treats Kit?

I get it, using kits with miniature bottles might get a little overwhelming, so here is the step by step way of how I use the kit and how I feel about it.

STEP 1: Hand Softener

How I like to use it is that I start off with freshly washed and dried hands and apply a pea sized amount of hand softener to my aplms and massage them thoroughly into my hands. The texture of the softener and the fragrance make it the perfect treat to start my pampering session.

STEP 2: Hand Scrub

Like any other cleansing ritual, step 2 involves a thorough exfoliation of the skin on my hands using the Raspberry flavored hand scrub which is mild yet invigorating. Though the scrub has soft, rounded beads, it sloughs off the dead skin off pretty nicely.

STEP 3: Hand Moisturiser

Having washed the hand scrub off of my hands, I follow up with a thick layer of the luxuriant feeling hand moisturiser which not just feels heavenly but smells delicious. The hands do feel soft, supple and polished after the session–mine do.

STEP 4: Cuticle Oil

The last step for a truly luxurious hair pampering session has to be a dip in some warmed up cuticle oil. I don’t essentially warm it up on heat, just warm up some in between my fingers and massage it into the nail cuticles. Just make sure that you wait at least an hour before you apply a coat of fresh nail paint (if you plan to apply a nail paint that is) because neither will the nail paint stick to the nail bed properly and neither will the cuticle oil yield its full effect if it comes in contact with any kind of chemicals.

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My Experience:

In all honestly, I love this miniature hand treats kit from the house of B U FOREVER–not just for their delectabloe raspberry scent but for the way it leaves my hand feeling and looking. and for 449 INR I would recommend all my curvies to grab hold of this kit which will easily last you for a good 3 weeks with regular usage (twice a week, that is).

TCP Rating: 5/5

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