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Biotique Botanicals Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Wash Review


Biotique has been a teenage beauty staple for me. I still remember buying my first tube of face wash from Biotique when I was 11. And my love for biotique face washes has forever evolved since then. Face washes have been my most favourite skin care item since forever. And why should they it be. They are any oily skinned woman’s best friend. And here I am, reviewing one of my favourite face washes from the house of Biotique Botanicals, the Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Wash.


Growing up, as a teenager, I had a really oily skin which used to get all sticky and patchy every 2 hours after I used my face washes. But things have changed now in 2017, and with a continuous and rigorous skincare schedule being incorporated in my life, my skin is now seeing better days. And this very Bio Honey Gel Face Wash has helped me a great deal in this skincare journey which I undertook. Made with all natural ingredients, (which is Biotique’s USP as a brand), the best part of this face wash is that it is suitable for all skin types. Which literally makes it the best bet for anyone who is looking out to see a difference in their skin texture.




INR 179 for 150 ml

If you ask me, the face wash is pretty affordable, with ample quantity and top notch quality. With regular usage (twice a day) I finished the tube within 3 weeks though. But the results show on the skin for sure.



Biotique Botanicals Bio Honey Foaming Face Wash comes in a squeezy tube with open flap lid which is pretty sturdy. The lid shuts tightly with a click sound making the face wash safe and secure without you fearing a gloopy leakage from the tube. I carry this face wash in my college bag on a regular basis and this has never created a mess by leaking or splurting in the bag so it is safe to say that the packaging is really travel friendly.



The face wash is a clear gel based formula which does not have any exfoliating beads in them. It is a pretty smooth texture with a decently sweet fragrance. The face wash is honey infused and has a very mild sweet fragrance which resembles honey but is not at all overpowering.


My Experience:

As i said, i love face washes, but the vice versa does not hold true for me. Face washes seldom return my love for them. They either do not suit my skin, make the skin excessively dry or oily, break me out or some random side effect will pertain. But unlike a lot of other drugstore face washes, this face wash makes the skin squeaky clean without leaving my skin feeling parched, dry and stretchy. It did not break me out once and suited my sensitive skin super well. Also, after 2 weeks of regular use, my dry patches around the mouth looked and felt a lot better. I cant say its a moisturising face wash but it sure does maintain the moisture of the skin pretty well.

The Curvy Rating: 5/5

Will I Recommend?

To anyone who is looking out for a refreshing face wash which is also soothing and suits a wide array of skin types, this face wash is the thing for you. Do give it a try and for 180 bucks, you can’t really go wrong with it.






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