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Born Pretty Store 4 Pcs Makeup Brush Set Review


Makeup is nothing without without a couple of good makeup brushes. And if you claim to be a makeup addict or makeup junkie who does not have a couple of high quality face and eye makeup brushes, then my friend, you really not are a true makeup lover. Not that I am judging you, but if you do not have good makeup brushes, I really do want to judge you. And not just judge, but also help you choose some of the best brushes in the market which can double up both as eye and face brushes.


Honestly, there are tons of Chinese websites which are selling makeup brushes, but truthfully speaking, not all the brushes available on such websites are good quality. But thanks to websites like Born Pretty Store which stock some of the best, high quality makeup brushes, makeup junkies like me are in safe hands. And for beginners who just do not want to collect a ton lot of brushes, I have a very compact brush set of four for you guys, which is not just multi-purpose to use but also is the cheapest bet you can ever get.



$4.35 for a set of four brushes which ideally makes each brush for less than 75 rs. How much cheaper can it get? And for the quality, it does not even look or feel like a cheap brush.


Shipping and Packaging

The brushes, which come through international shipping, might take a little more than 3 weeks to reach you, but the shipping worldwide is free you guys. What more do you want these guys to do for you. Also, there is no fancy packaging involved, just basic freight courier with each brush packed in individual plastic wrapping. Again, nothing fancy but pretty secure and hygienic.


Set Contents

As the title suggests, the set has 4 makeup brushes in total which have pretty long handles and are all blending, buffing brushes, just in a mini brush size. As in the brush handles are long, but the brushes on their own are pretty small and compact. So out of the four brushes, one is a flat top mini kabuki, while the other is an angles mini kabuki brush. The other two are not exactly kabuki brushes but still can be termed as blending brushes. One of them is a big fluffy blending brush and the other is a compact, dense dome shaped, or rather tapered blending brush.


My Experience

The Born Pretty Store brushes are pretty soft and tightly packed with absolutely no shedding With the excitement I have been talking about the brushes, it must be clear that how much I love them, but without generalising much, let me go in detail about each brush individually and what each of them is and can be used for.

1. Flat Top Kabuki Brush

The flat top kabuki is an out and out mini stippling brush which is ideal for blending out your concealer. It is not a very dense brush so do not expect it to pack on product, but it is nonetheless an excellent brush for diffusing out excess product from the skin. I personally like to use it for my under eye concealer, and also my cream contour


2. Angled Kabuki Brush

Just like the flat top brush, the angled kabuki is an excellent choice to carve out your contours or just stipple in your concealer in the hard to reach areas. The brush is densely packed yet the bristles are not at harsh on the skin. Honestly, it is almost the same as the flat top brush in terms of use and purpose but is really handy to have when you want two brushes to buff out your cream contour and highlight. Alternatively, it can also be used to diffuse your bronzer and powder contour and it does the job amazingly well.


3. Fluffy Blending Brush

This one is perhaps my most favourite from the entire set of four, and perhaps this brush is what makes the set eye and face makeup compatible. Honestly, this brush is pretty much same as the others in term of quality and softness, which is bang on. But the special aspect of it is that though this brush is quite compact, it is the loveliest fluffy brush I have ever used. It is dense but yet it does the job of diffusing out my shadows as a whole pretty well. It is a tad too big for using in the crease, but as an overall blending brush it works just about fine. Although, people with small eyes might face some issues trying to use it for the eyes.


4. Tapered Blending Brush

If there is one brush which you ever need in your life for spot concealing, then this tapered blending brush is the brush you need in your life. It is dense, tightly packed and just packs on the product really well. It is perfect for both placing the product on the spots you need to conceal and also to just buff out the concealed areas. At times you just need to get a brush to conceal your red spots or acne and this works just fine for such areas.

The Curvy Recommendation

I Honestly love these brushes and recommend them to anyone who is into makeup, be it a beginner or a pro. They are pretty versatile and easy to use.

The Curvy Rating



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