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Born Pretty Store Water Expandable Foundation Sponge Review


As good as a flawlessly applied makeup base looks, it is equally important to have the right set of tools to get the job done easily and efficiently. Recently, I posted a couple of posts related to makeup brushes and how a good set of makeup brushes can totally make or break your makeup application routine. But if we talk about applying your base makeup, be it a liquid, cream or mousse foundation, it is very important to have the right tools.


If we talk of the conventional way of applying foundation, makeup brushes like these were the way to go. But since the time Beauty Blenders made an entry in the makeup and beauty industry, the tables were upturned almost completely. But for 20$ a piece, it was not a cheap deal and definitely not for everyone to buy and use it. But since then, there have been a lot of brands trying to take up the concept and create something of the same sorts but with a more personalised touch. And the best of the lot, the Born Pretty Store has come up with one such amazing product which is equally good if not better than the original beauty blender but with a very creative shape.



$2.39 which is almost one tenth the price of an original beauty blender.



Shipping and Packaging

The sponge, which comes through international shipping, might take a little more than 3 weeks to reach you, but the shipping worldwide is free you guys. What more do you want these guys to do for you. Also, there is no fancy packaging involved, just basic freight courier with the sponge packed in a simple plastic wrapping. Again, nothing fancy but pretty secure and hygienic.


Shape and Size

Unlike the conventional tear drop shaped beauty blenders, the Born Pretty Store Water Expandable Foundation Sponge comes in a really unique shape which has two tapered ends with one being way more pointed than the other side. It also has two bulges in the centre which can be used to apply the foundation on wider areas. The sponge in its original state is a really compact 6 inches sponge, but when you wet it, it grows quite substantially and noticeably.


My Experience

I cannot claim to have used some of the most high quality sponges but I have used a lot of local beauty blenders, and if you really trust my word, then take it from me that this sponge from Born Pretty Store is undeniably one of the highest quality foundation sponges I have ever got my hands on. Mostly cheap makeup sponges do not swell up when we run them under the water, but this sponge holds true to its claim and swells up quite a bit making the application really flawless and buffed out. The sponge has pointed ends which are really soft to touch but also makes the foundation easy to apply in the areas which are hard to reach. Plus, the material of the sponge is perfectly workable and never did it once irritate or break me out.


The Curvy Rating:  5/5

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