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Breaking The Fat Body Stereotypes With Afamado


Hello people!

As and when I grew up in the slight confines of Indian Society, I was taught to loathe my big body. Yes, I was a big girl since childhood but did that give anyone the right to teach me to hate myself? A few months back, on a facebook post, I was told something about my body positivity that people like to throw out pretty often. I’m told that body positivity is ok, however, “glorifying obesity” is dangerous. I, of course, responded with something short and snarky, because people on the internet that like to harass me do not get to take up the thoughtful spaces in my brain. But I wanted to elaborate on my feelings about what this person said here, in my safe little blog space.


As I get deeper into body positivity I see more and more caveats placed on fat acceptance. “Nobody is saying it’s healthy to be fat, she’s just saying she gets to love herself as much as everyone else” and “She’s not glorifying obesity, she’s just loving her body”, are common things people say in response to fat shaming assholes on my social media accounts. I want to be very clear here: I am glorifying obesity. I am also 100% saying that health is subjective and that I am under no obligation to strive for what other’s consider “health” if I do not want to. Nobody is.


Unless you are somebody’s personal physician or trainer, it is not your job to comment on their weight.
Stop telling people “you’d be so much better looking if you dropped a few pounds!”
“Your life would be so much easier without that extra weight!”
“You need to lose weight, this current weight is unhealthy.”
“You shouldn’t wear that until you lose more weight.”
It ain’t your business. You are not a licensed medical professional, and if you are, you are likely not THEIR doctor. And at the very least, No one asked for your opinion. 
People do not all fit into the same mold of what is “attractive” or even what is healthy. And the same goes for telling a thinner person to gain weight. 

If a person is not asking for your opinion on how their body looks, don’t take it upon yourself to tell them that you don’t think they look good or that you think their body isn’t healthy.
That being said, the only time anyone should ever take comments like this seriously, is if a Medical Doctor tells them they need to lose weight for the benefit of their health. I’m very wary about the “Body Positivity Movement”, because as much as we like to say “Big Is Beautiful” (And it certainly can be), there does reach a point where it’s dangerous. And if it’s affecting your well being, listen to your doctor and do something about it. Your doctor isn’t fat shaming, they are doing their job (as long as they don’t say it in an offensive or inappropriate manner of course, but that’s a whole different rant).


Yes, I am glorifying obesity. I am glorifying this body that does not, and has never, got enough praise for it’s existence. I am glorifying the rebellion I live each day while loving this body. I am glorifying the pounds I gained after years of starving myself. I am glorifying every moment I am alive in this body that other’s would discard as worthless. And I am extremely proud of myself. So I celebrate that by sharing my life and my experiences with other people. Amazing people.


Your weight does not reduce the quality of your soul. You are not the number on your scale–neither your worth nor your intelligence nor your beauty are measured by it. No matter what size you are, you still deserve to be loved and deserve nothing less than love.


And it comes as such a fresh breath of air when brands like AFAMADO come up with such headstrong thinking about body positivity. One look at their clothing range and one can see that they truly believe in letting every woman out there wear whatever they like. Take a look at this dress for instance. it is everything that society would have warned a plus size girl like me against. It is a body hugging baby pink dress for screaming out loud. “Wear loose clothes in dark colors to look slim.” But what if I do not want to look slim? What if I wish to look like what I am? Yes, you can see the tummy rolls in all my pictures, you can see how broad I am but does that bother me now? No, it doesn’t. and it shouldn’t bother you as well.


If you personally are unhappy with the way you look or feel, by, all means find a healthy way to get to where you can be happy and comfortable in your own body. I am happy and comfortable in my skin today because I know I am working towards a better me, and so should you. But friends, PLEASE DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLE TELL YOU THAT YOU SHOULD CHANGE YOUR BODY SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THEIR SHITTY UNWARRANTED OPINION.
My curvies are all beautiful!
Wear what you want.
Eat what you want.
Stay healthy and happy and make sure you’re looking out for the number one person in your life: YOU.

And If this is a dangerous way to live, consider me born to be wild!

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