Bringing the Nail Revolution to India with Cuccio Gel Manicures Ft. Lure Nails


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First of all, I profoundly apologise for being MIA on the blog since quite a few days now. But my college schedule just wouldn’t allow me to make time for anything. But now that it struck me, that the festive season is on its peak, I thought I might just share some of my experiences that I had been trying out in the past couple of weeks. Festivities mean glamming up and getting dolled up for the auspicious days. From head to toe, we get ready but most of the times it is our poor nails which get ignored during the whole getting ready sessions.


The best fix to such emergency nail situations is to keep your nails looking impeccable by getting yourself nail extensions, or as we know it these days, gel extensions or manicures. And not all gel manicures are created equal, that is a fact. So, basically I went to try out the extensions at Lure Nails in Ambience mall, Gurgaon. And this post is all about how the services fared for me and if the manicure is well worth the cost.

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Lure nails is a very renowned name in the whole of North Delhi, thanks to their rather active outlet in model town. But for travel reasons I visited their ambience mall outlet while I was visiting Gurgaon, and though small area wise, the services were totally worth the money you’ll be shelling out. So as it is with all gel manicures, I was told that the extensions would take about an hour and a half to get done, and the finished nails would last me a good 3-4 weeks before I would need to get a gel filling done in my nails. And though the nails did take 1.5-2 hours to get done; the nails did not last me well enough for three weeks. Why? Keep on reading.

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The basic French extensions at the salon start at 2300 bucks and the prices vary as per your needs and also, the depth of the designs you choose for your nail art. I opted for a basic French manicure with a ring finger embellishment and my design costs about 2700. One thing I can say for sure, the people at the salon know their job pretty well. I mean each of my nail was taken such good care for and all the extensions came out pretty even after getting finished. Plus, the staff at Lure nails is really polite which again adds to the Cuccio charm.

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Also, technically Lure nails is the one who has actually revolutionised the nail industry by articulating Cuccio manicures and varnishes in their extension services. The Cuccio nails are supposed to be more long lasting and more durable but that did not hold true for me. After just three weeks, two of my nails had cracks in the centre and were bending. And even while I am writing this, the nails (7 of them) which had developed cracks have evident air bubbles and hurt on the slightest pressure.
















The Curvy Princess Recommendation

Although I did love the way my nails felt and looked while they were being done and I loved the courtesy with which I was served at the salon, but sadly the nails did not last me as long as I expected them to. But perhaps it was my lack of special care to my nails or something as cuccio is a well framed name in the nail industry. So I would definitely recommend you to try out the services at Lure Nails but make sure to take good care of your nails while avoiding any excessive pressure for the least damage to your nail bed.

Post Update- My sister and her sister-in-law got the gel extensions done at their
Model town outlet and her nails are going strong even in the fourth week without any breakage. So perhaps it was my lack of care which lead to excessive bending and resultant breakage of my manicure. Will be visiting the salon soon to get them done again. Ofcourse, they look too pretty to resist.

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