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Brush Craft By Artis Brush Set Detailed Review and Tutorial


Hola curvies!

A couple of you girls messaged me on my Instagram asking if the Artis Oval Brushes were really worth the hype that
Instagram had made it to be? And honestly, I did not have that kind of money or guts to go all the way to buy those super expensive but luxe brushes just to satiate your queries. But Lo and Behold! Just a week after that, I got to know about the baby brand Brush Craft which comes from under the wings of Artis Brushes and is just as good but for half the price of those luxurious investment pieces. And to top it off all, the brand was generous enough to send the entire set of four super luxurious brushes to review for you gorgeous ladies, and after three weeks of rigorous usage,  I am here with my detailed review on theBrush Craft By Artis Brush Set.



From the Creators of Artis Brushes, BrushCraft is committed to offering Modern Makeup Brushes to those who consider makeup as Art. They have taken the familiar traditional makeup brush and given it a new twist, to make it more maneuverable, easier to use, and efficient. By turning the fibers at a right angle, and using NuFibre to replace animal hair, they have improved how the makeup brush performs.


Brush Craft has replaced inefficient and allergy-causing animal hair with NuFibre, a trademarked man-made engineered fiber. They also use much more fibers in each bundle than a conventional animal hair brush. And that means better makeup results for you when you use BrushCraft.

And even though these brushes make use of a pure, modern and innovative design with state of the art materials, they are an affordable luxury, priced from US$18.50 to US$24.50.


The Fantastic Four Brushes  By Brush Craft!

So to start off with, Brush craft has launched four gorgeous brushes which come individually packed in see-through acrylic casing. The acrylic cases, if you ask me, are a savior if you have multiple brushes and no storage space available to stock up on those babies. However, coming back to the Brush Craft brushes! So as I said they come in four variants which can be bought off the website individually, and here are all the details and how to use for each of the brushes


Linear 1

About The Brush: Making a line of makeup is tough, and now there is a brush designed to help you make a line of color easier. The Linear 1 has a thin row of fibres aligned perfectly so that you can pick up eyeshadow or liner and by gently pulling the brush across the skin, you can create a thin line of makeup. Great for lining eyes, or filling in and perfecting brows.


Price: $18.50









My Experience: One look at the Linear 1 brush, and I knew I am going to blow off my sharp nose contour with this little baby, and this indeed did hold its position intact when it comes to nose contour. It does not just create a sharp line, but also blends the product really well given its dense bristles. So product placement and blending–it’s a win win truly. But apart from the nose contour, I tried this brush for filling in my brows with Freedom Makeup Brow Pomade (an exact dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade) and though not the most crisp brow, but a nice, natural looking, diffused brow happened–which if you ask me, is perfect for us naturally fuller-brow Indian women. However, lining your eyes with this brush is a big hassle and will more than not end up in a big failure; so not recommended for eye lining.

 Circle 1R

About the Brush: This brush has a fiber bundle that is a cylinder shape but with a rounded domed top at the fiber tips. This shape and size make it great for applying eyeshadow and blending, spot concealing, focused contouring, and lip color.


Price: $18.50


Experience: Just like the Linear 1 brush scream nose contour, this brush specifically screams spot concealing to me. And are these brushes expert in doing what they are meant to do! I have never experienced a softer brush to blend out even the thickest and the highest coverage concealers I own. It blends out Kryolan Derma Colour concealer with utmost ease without letting it crease for heaven’s sake. And this one brush is the star of the lot for me–it is truly a multi-purpose brush. I conceal and contour my face with it. The brush is small enough to spot conceal and is ideal for product placement in terms of face contour using cream products. Also, for powder eyeshadows, you can get some easy overall eyeshadow placement with this brush. And the best of all, filling in your lips with this brush is super comfortable and feels really nice. I love this one the most out of the four.

Oval 3

About the brush: The Oval 3 is a perfect size and shape for applying eyeshadow products to the lid area. You can do an all-over application of colour, or use it to emphasize the outside corners of the lid or along the upper and lower lash lines. Also good for applying concealer to areas under the eyes.


Price: 18.50$


My Experience: The brand calls this brush perfect for eyeshadow products, but if you ask me, the brush will create nothing short of a mess if actually used for the lid area. And if you have small eyes, this brush will be nothing short of a nightmare. But coming to how I use it, this brush can be made to blend out your under eye concealer. Basically this brush is a smaller version of your regular toothbrush makeup brushes but the fact that the bristles are super tightly packed and is super soft makes it stand out from the run of the mill brushes in the market.

Oval 6

About the brush: This is the perfect size and shape brush for applying foundation, contour, and blush. Just pick up a small amount of product, and gently sweep it across the area of the face you want to cover. This brush has over 60,000 individual fibers in the bundle; which is the main reason it applies and blends product beautifully.


Price: $24.50


My Experience: This one is my favorite these days when it comes to overall foundation application using cream and mousse formulas. The brush spreads out the product super evenly and not just blends but flawlessly buffs out the product on the entire periphery of the skin. I generally break out but this brush does not tug at my skin. Also if you wish to use with cream or powder blush or highlighter, you very well can because it blends out product so pretty darn well.

IMG20170321125024 IMG20170321124941 IMG20170321125042

Will I Recommend?

Hell yes! If you have been eyeing the Artis Brushes as an addition to your vanity but do not have the funds to splurge on that luxury, you should definitely get these brushcraft brushes which are equally good if not better and are a great high end brush selection to add to your vanity.

TCP Rating : 4.5/5

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