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Cheap Beauty Blenders Dupe Review Ft ZAFUL


Makeup is an addiction of the crudest form. And those who are true makeup lovers know how expensive this addiction can get at times; especially when we want to keep up with the trends of the makeup sphere. Beauty Blenders came in the show a few years back and since then they have become a staple in every makeup lover’s vanity. But one sponge just does not make it for more than 6 months and for 20$ a sponge, it is not the most affordable to stock up as well. So what do people like me, who love makeup and money, do? They look out for alternatives. And honestly I have tried quite a few cheap dupes for the original beauty blender and here is my favorite from all across the market.

Now given the price of the original beauty blender, I could not afford to indulge in its luxury so this post is by no means a comparison of any sort. This is just a review for some cheap beauty blender sponges that I got off ZAFUL and loved to bits. So as some of you know ZAFUL is an Asian website which stocks some pretty cheap makeup tools and accessories and I love stocking up my vanity from their tools section. So on one such impulse purchase, I ended up buying a set of three makeup blending sponges, and I am so happy I did.



6.37$ for a set of 3 sponges


The makeup sponges come packaged in a thick ziplock bag which is quite sturdy and makes storage super convenient. Even inside the zip lock bag, each makeup sponge comes wrapped inside a thin plastic pouch making the packaging double secure and hygienic.


Product Description

So just like a regular beauty blender, these sponges are a conventional teardrop shaped water swellable makeup sponge which should be ideally used when damp for the best makeup finish. The sponges come in three colors, pink, black and green and unlike the original beauty blenders, none of the colors is specifically formulated for any skin type or any specific product. So any of the three sponges can be used for various products depending on your mood really! The sponges are a really tiny size and expand considerably when wet. They are dense, like really dense when dry and super porous when wet.


Where To Buy?

You can buy it here from ZAFUL.


My Experience

I have sensitive skin which is prone to breaking out the moment something foreign comes in contact with it. So initially I was a bit skeptic of letting the sponge touch my skin but once I used all three of them, I was pretty sure of how safe they are for even the most sensitive skin types. The sponges swell considerably well when wet and pat in all my foundation flawlessly. The only downside to it is that it sheers down even the most full coverage foundations and absorbs a ton lot of product, which invariably leads to product wastage. But nothing that cant be handled by the second layer of foundation, or if you love sheer daily wear coverage then this sponge is god’s gift to you.


TCP Recommendation

If you want water expandable sponges for 1/10th the price of the original stuff which works just about fine when it comes to blending out makeup, then I guess you should stop looking any further. With three sponges retailing for 6.37 dollars it comes down to a little more than 2 dollars per sponge. Its a steal, really!


TCP Rating

4.5/5 (0.5 deducted for excess product absorption)

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