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Cheapest Ever Dupe For The Artis Oval Makeup Brushes Ft. ZAFUL


Hello, my curvies!

I recently did a pretty long-ish post on 101 Makeup Brushes which covered almost every possible type of makeup brushes available and necessary for a flawless makeup application. But little did I realize that the more I try to cover all types of brushes on my blog, the more kind of brushes get launched in the makeup-sphere! But keeping up with the pace is what makeup blogging is all about. Now I do realize that I have been pretty late in sharing my cheapest dupe for the much coveted Artis Oval Makeup Brush set but better late than never. No?


So team ZAFUL was kind enough to send across this gorgeous Oval Makeup Brush set for me to test out and review for you lovelies on my blog. Honestly, oval makeup brushes set the makeup sphere on fire since the first day that they were launched; but given my low student budget, I could not even think of getting my hands at those! But do not fret you artis lovers, there is something very interesting for you coming up very soon as well. *wink*


Now ZAFUL as a brand is one of those very few websites which stocks almost everything from clothes, shoes, fashion accessories to beauty equipment. Also, it ships worldwide and is perhaps the cheapest, most reliable and the safest online website to get your stuff from. And with the crazy sales going on the website almost always, the products on display are nothing short of a steal.

So without further ado, let’s dig into the review of the gorgeous ZAFUL Oval Makeup Brush Set which retails for just 14$ for the entire set of six mind-blowing brushes!


About ZAFUL Oval Makeup Brush Set

Category: Makeup Brushes Set
Brush Hair Material: Nylon
Length: 16cm
Package: 6 Brushes ranging from Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and Lip Brush.

Price and Where To Buy

The brush set retails for $14.99 and you can get it here.



The brushes come very securely placed in a transparent mould casing which is further packed in a snug cardboard covering. You need not worry about your brushes breaking or getting spoilt in transit. 10 on 10 for the packaging.

Brush Quality (Handle and Hair)

So as I mentioned the brush set has 6 different oval makeup brushes in it which are meant for different purposes. From bigger oval brushes to medium ones, small circular brush, and a sleek linear makeup brush, the set has it all. So the collection of brushes is totally adept at creating a full face of makeup hence full points for the thought behind the set. Now coming to the quality of the handle, I have been using this set for 2 weeks now and I am one clumsy person, to say the least; I can say that these brushes have really sturdy handles. I do not consider the amount of pressure I apply at times on my brushes and this brush set has lived through the test of my varied pressures.


As for the brush hair, the hair is not made of natural hair thus, these brushes are not the most comfortable on the skin. I do not mean to say that these are uncomfortable or harsh just not the softest of the lot. But having said that being made of nylon hair, these do not absorb as much product and are very convenient to use. They spread the product evenly and buffs it out pretty well without you having to stress much about it. The brushes are very tightly packed and the smaller brushes are relatively denser and stiffer than the bigger fluffier brushes.


Now, on to the individual brush reviews:

1. Big Oval Brush


This is the biggest and perhaps the fluffiest brush from the set. It is relatively larger and is the perfect size to apply your liquid foundation across the perimeters of your face. It can be used to apply powder over your makeup but the kind of finish it gives my foundation, I can not find a better use for it. Non-streaky, even foundation application every time.


2. Medium Oval Brush


Coming to the second largest brush from the set, this one is pretty similar to what the first one looks like; just a tad bit smaller. Perfect for applying your blush or your under eye powder. Works great with powders and liquids alike. But honestly, I could do without it also, just saying. 😉

3. Small Oval Brush


This is the third from the conventional oval makeup brush set and is the perfect size for blending your under eye concealer or your concealer in general. Plus, if you are using a cream blush or cream highlighter, this would work like a dream in blending it out.

4. Tiny Oval Brush


Now, this is one of those brushes which will come in handy if you have baby hair and foundation messes them up big time. This is great for blending out the ends of your face (where the forehead starts or your neck and chin). Also, this acts as a great tool to flawlessly buff out your contours. Dream brush, really.


5. Tiny Circular Brush


I did not know how much I loved spot concealing till i met this baby. And honestly, spot concealing is all I do these days. The brush is super stiff so not the most pleasant to blend out the concealer but product placement is the deal with this baby right here. Love it. Also, clean up your brows or fill in your lips using this bad boy, it is multi-functional.Tiny Linear Brush

6. Tiny Linear Brush


The last brush from the collection and perhaps the only brush which excited me the most. Why? Contouring, of course. For anyone who has a cream contour, you have to have this brush in your vanity. Not only does it place the product very strategically and on point, but also can blend out that concealer without much of a hassle. Also, nose contouring has been a dream since I started using it.


TCP Recommendations

I love love love these brushes and for just 15 dollars with free worldwide shipping, I suggest each one of you get it right now.

TCP Rating



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