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Combining Comfort and Style with Hepburnette Shoes

Ishleen 27th Aug 8

Roses are Red 🌹
Violets are Blue 🌸
You keep the Flowers 🌺
I’d rather have the SHOES 👠Hey curvies!
It feels like ages since I got a new blog post for you guys, and honestly, yes, I have been lagging off in creating content due to some highly personal life circumstances. But keeping all of that aside and letting the hardships get me stronger by the day, I promise that your Curvy Princess is back and back with a bang. And to start off with the festival inspired fashion posts on the blog, I thought why not introduce you to an accessory brand which does some fantastic embroidered footwear.

Shopping in the festive season can get frustrating especially when you are so determinedly looking to match outfits and accessories. Now let’s get real, there are hardly any brands which do really classy ethnic inspired ballerinas and those who do are more or less uncomfortable to wear for prolonged time periods. So without further ado, let me introduce you curvies to my latest obsession in footwear, which are these stunning red bellies from Hepburnette.

Shoes - part 1

About Hepburnette:

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” Well, necessity is also the aunt of all creations.

We started Hepburnette, with a vision to create unique products based on stories that inspire us. We research from China to New Mexico, to deliver products that foretell a story, theme or fable.  We understand that when someone buys our product, she/he doesn’t buy an accessory; they buy an experience. And we try to make this experience as memorable and enriching as possible.

At Hepburnette, we attempt to customize and produce fashion accessories that embody exclusivity in them. Sensing the needs of the present day market, we bring you a niche store which will deliver not just a fashion accessory but also a memorable experience at your doorstep.

Shoes - part 2


What does fashion mean to you?

Well to us it means an experience. An experience to wear the bell bottoms in the 60’s and 70’s to the anarkali’s in the year 2013. Fashion is a journey that gives a twist in our regular tale. It makes changes in us but still keeps our inner self-untouched. Fashion is not just clothing, it is beyond that. When we move out of our house we tell a story about us, our choices and our lifestyle. It just helps us to foretell the story in a better way.

We at Hepburnette, truly believe that all of us are unique in our own way. And that the little black dress that you bought from the mall from the other day would look completely amazing and different with our hand-embroidered golden mandarin clutch. Yes, we design the epilogues and prologues of your fashion story. We try to accessorize your clothing and pamper your soul.

We create a moment in your life. A “moment” where you make your little black dress envy for the others. After all a perfect combination of accessories: a necklace, earrings, gloves, tiara and a cigarette holder is what differentiates between a regular black dress and Audrey Hepburn’s black dress.

Ishleen 27th Aug 8

My Experience With Hepbrunette

I shared a picture of me wearing a red suit on my Instagram a couple of weeks back and so many of you flooded my comments section with queries about the matching red ballerinas I was wearing with that outfit. So to answer all your queries, here I am with the details of the shoes and my views and experience with it. Yes, the shoes have been sent to me by the brand, but like always, this post is totally unbiased and has my honest opinions, to say the least.

IMG_3699 (1)

Also, if you guys know a little bit of me, you know that my feet are broad and online shoe shopping is nothing less than a nightmare for me. Even at a size 11, the standard size 11 shoe may or may not fit me well, owing to my broad feet. But the fitting on these Hepburnette footwear is rather alluring and it fits really snug without causing any discomfort. And the comfort is not just because of the snug fitting but also because it has a cushioned sole on the shoe which makes it convenient to wear for prolonged times. Yay to dancing away all night!

To wrap up this review, I would say that these handcrafted ballerinas are vegan, embroidered and with each order, the brand helps a poor kid. Fashion with a noble cause, I say bring it on! ALso, these ballerinas are pretty affordable given that the style the provide along with the fashion are unmatched quality.

I once read, if the shoe fits, buy it in every damn color. And I am going to do just that with these gorgeous @by_hepburnette embroidered and handcrafted Ballerinas which are not just stunning foot candies but also serve the comfort well 🙂 You can check their collection on their website, social media pages and across all leading e-commerce websites.



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