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Detan Made Easy With Himalaya Herbals Orange Tan Removal Range


Hey, ladies!

How are the summers treating you? For me, summers are not necessarily my friend for so many reasons. As much as I want to love this weather, I just can’t get myself to appreciate it. You ask why? Well not only does summer make me really hot headed, but my already problematic skin starts acting super crazy because of all the heat, humidity and sweat. The oil glands go berserk, acne finds a way into the pores and the worst of all will be the excessive tanning for sure, especially if you live in a super hot and humid country like India. But then, there has to be a way out of all this mess and before I could have officially declared my hatred for summers, Himalaya Herbals came out with its latest Tan Removal range, making me a happy summer baby once again.


My main area of concern is my uneven skin tone which gets all the more apparent after the hefty tanning that the summers leave me with. In the fast-paced life of today; rubbing tomato juice, pulp and orange peel is just too much work for me and most of the ladies out there. The need of the hour is a quick, easy and convenient products which do the job as efficiently but do not need as much of time or work, and Himalaya Herbals has tried to hit the right spot with their Orange Tan Removal Range. I have been trying it out for almost a week now, and I honestly vouch by this holy grail range of de-tan products.


Himalaya Herbals Tan Removal Orange Face Wash

IMG_5999 (1)

I have always been a Himalaya face wash fan and regardless, this tan removal orange face wash fits the bill just fine. The face wash, in fact, the entire range, has a very citrusy and fresh fragrance which resembles real oranges. Priced at just INR 70, this tan removal face wash delivers what it promises. I am not saying that it instantly removes any trace of tanning from your skin within a wash, but it most definitely does brighten up your skin from the very first wash. Also the fact that it actually de tans your skin after a couple weeks of use makes it the perfect summer facewash.

Himalaya Herbals Tan Removal Orange Scrub


I still remember my first ever scrub was from Himalaya Herbals as well and one look at this childhood favorite brand sure does bring back a smile to my face. Scrubs are not meant to be used daily as they can be a little abrasive on the skin, but this one from Himalaya has the smoothest of rounded exfoliating beads which do not feel harsh on the skin at all. This does not mean that the scrub does not do its job well, it is an excellent product which can be used on a daily basis as it is a gentle exfoliator which gets your blood circulation up and gets that glow back to your skin without being too harsh on it. However, I would recommend you use the scrub on a daily basis only if your skin is not too problematic and the tan is really bad because otherwise, twice a week will be just fine for you.

Himalaya Herbals Tan Removal Orange Peel-Off Mask


Peel off mask is the most fun of the lot, really! Just the feeling of applying a thick gel, waiting for it to dry up and then enjoying the peeling session is my idea of rejuvenation at home. Orange peel-off masks are especially good for tan removal and this face mask from Himalaya which is specifically designed to get rid of your tan works wonders on the skin. A complete cycle of face wash, scrub and this mask adds a pretty glow to the face and does not leave it feeling dry or scabby. The skin is left refreshed and hydrated and that is where this range steals the brownie points from me.

IMG_6007 (1)

Summers are no longer meant to be dreaded as Himalaya has you covered with its Orange Tan Removal range which if you ask me is not just affordable and efficient but is also perfectly suited to almost any skin type. Say bye bye to tan and say hello to summers my curvies! Let the sun be your friend!


P.S. This is not a sponsored post, all thoughts and ideas posted here are of my personal experience. However, the products were sent to me in a PR package for review purposes.

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