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Everything You Need To Know About BB Creams

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In today’s tightly packed schedules, who has time for coping with tubes after tubes of make-up and time-consuming make-up brushes? This is where the latest rage in skincare comes: the minimalist and chic BB creams. BB creams or Beauty Balms or Blemish balms; whatsoever you may call them, are the hidden angels in disguise. And no, I am not exaggerating; they are actually WONDERFUL.
All of you would have heard at least someone in your life raving about it. Whether you have tried or are planning to lay hands upon it, go ahead and read this post to know what all can a beauty balm do for your skin.

What exactly is a BB cream?


A blemish balm is basically a problem-saver, all in one beauty product. Though very similar in appearance to a tinted moisturiser, a BB cream is a multi-purpose skin care product which helps to brighten, lighten, even tone, smoothen the skin along with an array of other benefits. BB creams are primarily a mixture of moisturiser, sun screen (yes, it comes with a broad spectrum SPF), foundation, primer, serum and in some cases also includes anti-ageing properties; all infused into one little bottle of awesomeness. Told you, it is INCREDIBLE.

So, what does a BB cream do? src_dc34f014946e66d7c527e96834ba9b03

Effectively the ultimate skin care product for women on the go, BB creams offer sheer coverage, sun protection, help lighten acne scars, discoloration, moisturise the skin and also delay the signs of ageing. Basically the BB cream promises to perform the beauty of your 5-6 other tubes and jars of make-up. It practically treats your skin while providing ample coverage, suitable for a casual day out. Just wash your face; dab a pea-sized amount on to your skin and you are good to go.
BB Creams can save a lot of time and money as it conceals the acne scars and blemishes, primes your entire face, helps shine stay away and does not let your skin feel dry as it has inbuilt moisturising properties. Wear it over your regular moisturiser or under your favourite compact powder, Beauty Balms will undoubtedly make you look much more fresh and younger. That’s a promise.

Benefits of BB creams over foundations.


Agreed, your favourite tube of foundation has saved you from embarrassing situations a lot of times. But that does not mean you cannot swap your favourite little tube for something lighter and much more convenient.


Leave your heavy coverage foundations for the cooler months, and grab a BB cream for the summer and spring seasons. Foundations with heavy coverage can look cakey at times; this is where BB creams come to rescue. They provide a little coverage without making your face look slathered with make-up.


BB creams are predominantly created to justly clear up your skin, while making it look faultless and oh-so-natural. And surely you do not get anti-ageing or acne-clearing properties from your regular foundations. It’s like skin care plus coverage which looks like your original skin, just better,



Applying make-up perfectly, and that too without using make-up brushes? Who am I kidding; I would love it. And BB cream does exactly the same thing. Make-up brushes, sponges, wedge; we have an array of options for make-up application, but somehow BB creams are best applied with clean fingertips. Yes, distribute a pea-sized BB cream evenly on your face and blend with your fingers for a natural finish.


Undoubtedly, many foundations come these days with inbuilt SPF, but still BB creams score higher on this index. BB creams have a ton more SPF guard for your gorgeous skin. A quick day out with BB cream slathered upon will make you much more protected from the sun that what it would be with a foundation on. Extra points for a day out in the beach.


Primer portions are way more expensive than almost any other beauty product out there. But what if I say that your inexpensive, little tube of BB awesomeness consists of just that? Unbelievable, but true! So touch it up on your eyelids, or the entire face. Go priming!



Do I even need to mention the moisturization qualities of a beauty balm? The best part of a BB cream is that it does not cake up, nor does it let you worry about your skin getting dry. Why? Because it has ample moisturising properties which never leave you looking dull and your skin looking flaky. Nope. Never.

So this was all that I had to share from my fair share of insight into the world of BB creams. What do you think about the post? Do share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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