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Experiencing A Luxury Hair Salon At The Noir

Hello people!

So many of you have been messaging me asking me about my new hair? What did you do to them? How long did it take? Do your hair feel damaged? Does the hair color bleed? How much did it cost and what not! So I thought why not I go all out and do a blog post with all the required details about my new hair, how and when did I get them done and how much or how long does it take. 


So to start off with, as you might have read in the title of the blog post, I got my hair makeover at the very reputed The Noir Salon which is located in The Chanakya, chanakyapuri. Why did I choose this particular salon? Simply because, first, the product range they use resonates with what I prefer for my hair and second, the luxury experience they provide is nothing like you’ll experience anywhere else. The salon uses eminent brands like Kerastase and Loreal to name a few.

Being a Sikh by religion, I could not let my hair stylist chop off even an inch of my hair so it was really challenging for him to get me from drab to fab without using the scissors, but he managed really well nonetheless. I was asked my preference and the kind of lifestyle I had, along with the kind of clothes I prefer so that the hair colour did not contradict my personality. Mutually we decided on soft summery browns and mocha shades for my hair and the work began from there.


I already had pre coloured hair so we decided to go for highlights and brighten up my fading hair colour. The hair coloring process was followed by a wash and deep conditioning so as to not let the chemicals severely impact my hair. The entire process followed by a blow dry and steam-pad hair straightening took me about two hours and yes it gets hectic but the end results make it look all worth it. As for the commercials, such hair coloring sessions will generally cost you about 8-10k on an average but then again it all depends on your hair requirements and what kind of look you aim to achieve.


About the final question that does it damage your hair? I would not mince my words and say YES, it does! I tested out my hair shaft for a good two weeks before coming to this conclusion but like any other chemical treatment, hair coloring does take a serious toll on your hair. The day I came out of the salon, my hair looked like the prettiest thing in the world but when I washed it after 3 days, all hell broke loose. I had the most rough, dry and unmanageable hair on the planet. With constant oiling and straightening they do look good but in their natural state you can feel a difference in your previous hair and your now damaged hair. But then again all good things come at a bad cost. Yes, this session did damage my hair but way less than what any regular salon hair coloring session would do. So if you are like me who wants to experiment with your hair but want to play it safe, I would highly recommend The Noir Salon!


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