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Fat Girls Can Wear Whites Ft. CALAE


Anyone who has read some of my writing on here or on my Instagram knows I’m a huge supporter of breaking all those plus-size fashion no-nos set for us women sizes 12 and up. You know the ones. “Plus-size women can’t wear bright colors.” “Plus-size women can’t wear anything that shows some thigh.” “Plus-size women must only wear baggy, shapeless garbage bags and hide every curve and roll on their bodies.”

To me, these rules have always seemed oppressive, but I lived according to them for many years, nonetheless.


listen up now people, “FAT GIRLS CAN WEAR WHITE!”


A lot of bigger ladies have troubles with this color – unjustifiably in my opinion. It’s true that it can draw more attention to “flaws” because it is bright. But there are many ways to overcome it, starting by wearing white with prints through combining a jacket in another color by adding a statement necklace or belt that will distract from other areas etc. It’s a light and festive color that’s especially great for the serene winter days. The mood almost instantly improves when you wear it. And needless to say, It looks particularly good on tanned or darker women, regardless of their size.


There’s nothing wrong with the color white — it’s bright and summery and makes you look super-tan. It’s just that I’ve spent my life at a range of weights that sometimes reach obese and rarely dip below chubby, and along with a whole other host of social strictures designed around displaying the maximum amount of shame about my size, I internalized pretty strongly that rule about NO WHITE CLOTHING.
And look, I know these rules are dumb.
But white. WHITE. White has never been a friend. White announces the outlines of your shape with complete certainty. White says “Hello, here are my exact proportions, hope you don’t find them upsetting!” As a plus-size teen, I had approximately 100 different items of black clothing differentiated slightly by neckline or the hemline. It was practically impossible to find anything specific in my closet and my mom used to loathe me for the black-goth-witch which I was so adamant about becoming!

Cut to 2017, undoubtedly I wear plenty of colors, but I rarely wear white. But then, there are some pieces which just scream for your attention and this stunning White Kaftan Top from @calae with strappy shoulders and pastel embroidery on the neckline is definitely one of them. There is something just so flattering about this top, it is loose yet form fitting and does not look baggy! Instead, it deviates unwanted attention from all the wrong places and the delicately designed neck and shoulders add that feminine touch to the top without having to do much. I wanted the top to be the highlight of this look so I decided against pairing it up with anything else and let the top speak for itself.


It is white, yes! It scares me, yes!

But do I feel like a fucking fairy? Hell, yes!

Right now I’m at my heaviest in years and honestly, not feeling that awesome about myself. But I’ll be goddamned if I’ll ever, EVER let my weight keep me from doing anything I want to do in life. So I’ll put on the stunningly ethereal white dress, maybe grimace a little in the mirror, and then I’ll let it go and have a good time. Because I’ll lose weight or I won’t, but I can’t do anything about it today. And I refuse to put my joy on reserve for some future body to enjoy.IMG_9653


Are there clothing rules you’re still scared to break? Do you wear white? Hit me up in the comments section below! ❤️











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