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Fixing A Broken Nail With The Tea-Bag Nail Repair Method

nail repair 1

Hello gorgeous peeps!

How is everyone doing out there? Happy or not, if there is one thing which can turn things bad almost instantaneously is a torn nail on an otherwise perfectly manicured hand! God kill me if i am wrong, because that’s the universal truth! Isn’t it?

Not all of us are as lucky to maintain super long nails which are also strong! At least not me! I spend most of my day as a clumsy female banging her poor fingers on her laptop’s keyboard! And yes, i break and tear my nails almost regularly! But why cut off your pretty nails just because one wasn’t in the mood to live with the rest of them? Not cool torn nail!

nail repair 3

Anyways people have been going burlesque about how a small piece of tea bag can fix a ripped or torn nail! So here I was deliberating over what made people go gaga for something as simple as a tea bag—and man, was I taken for a surprise!

Read below to know more, and in fact; all about repairing a torn nail using a tea bag!

What Will You Need?

  1. A torn nail 😛
  2. A nail file
  3. A nail buffer
  4. Tea bags
  5. A pair of tweezers
  6. A small pair of scissors
  7. Nail Glue (even super glue kind of glues work pretty well)
  8. A protective base coat
  9. Nail varnish of your choice
  10. Top coat

nail repair 2

What To do?

So you say you were trying to get that stubborn piece of thing, out from the more stubborn something else, and you ripped your nail? Ouch, that must have been a traumatic experience! But here is what you can do to fix it all up and make things as pretty as new!

Take a tea bag, tear it open at the top and empty its sachet into a cup of steaming hot water (and enjoy your tea afterwards)! Ok, jokes apart—empty the contents of your tea bag and using the paper bag left; cut out a thin, rectangular strip of the muslin kind of ultra-thin paper! Make sure to cut it into a size bigger than the area of your torn nail.

nail repair

I mean, the paper strip should cover the torn nail area completely! Now apply the tiniest bit of glue to the paper and after waiting for about 5 seconds (for the glue to get a bit tacky); place the glue-applied paper strip, atop your torn nail with the help of a tweezers! Gently press the paper to make it grasp to the nail bed and let it set!

Once you feel the paper to e stuck to the nail completely, now you ca n use a buffer to buff out the unevenness of the paper strip and to make the nail and the paper at par with each other, as far as smoothness, and evenness is concerned! Make sure to buff gently, so as to not disrupt or dislocate the glued on paper strip—but be firm enough to make things all even out! Nothing should look out of the place!

Now use a thin layer of your favourite base coat and let it dry! Follow up with two coats of your most desirable polish and seal everything off with a shiny top coat!

nail repair 5

And your nail is as good as new! Now all you need to do is go around challenging people to find out the torn nail out of the lot! 😛

Did you like the Tea-Bag Nail Repairing method? Will you try it? Let me know in the comments section down below. 🙂

P.S All the pictures posted in this article have been taken from Pinterest.


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