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Garnet Glow Oolong Tea Review

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Taiwan’s high-grown oolongs are undoubtedly some of the most sublime in the world of tea, and Garnet Glow Tea’s Oolong, nestled in fields above 1200 meters, is perhaps one of the greatest examples of what Taiwan’s mist-enshrouded mountains have to offer. With a gasp-inducing price of over 1000 INR per 100 grams, Garnet Glow’s award-winning Oolong is quite the gem. But is the small fortune worth forking over? You’re darn straight it is.


Few oolongs are as sweet and creamy as this particular one from Garnet Glow. In addition to its sweeter side, the lightly oxidized oolong boasts stellar floral notes and a silky smoothness. A subtle fruitiness is evident, but it does not contain the crisp, sharper nature of an Anxi oolong. Fans of the less floral oolongs need not step back from Garnet Glow oolong tea; while both the aroma and brew are a bit flowery, the leaves are well-balanced with a whole host of characteristics that detract the potentially overpowering and practically blooming floral elements.

Beyond the eclectic nature of Garnet Glow’s oolong tea is its pleasantly persistent palate that defies the “come and go” composition of lesser teas. Once brewed, the oolong isn’t in any hurry to show off its full house flavor profile; instead, each sip takes multiple seconds to mentally digest, making for a remarkably memorable tea.

oolong 2As far as steeping instructions, not over steeping cannot be stressed enough. While the Garnet glow oolong is, much like most oolongs, relatively sturdy against abuse, infusions as per recommendations result in the most balanced and impressive brew. Opt for an infusion of 1-2 minutes at 190-196°F to bring out the tea’s best.

There no doubt that this particular oolong comes at a steep price, but strictly on the basis of quality, this is about as good as it gets. And now, you can buy the Garnet Glow Oolong Tea here.

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