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How to use a foot file?

dry feet

Hello beautiful!

Summer season is on the verge of ending, and who can tell that better than your distraught feet? All the days of wearing open-feet sandals and shoes has lead to our, at least mine feet looking dull and heaped on with dry-scaly skin. And personally, I do not like my feet in such condition. Our feet are most probably the worst-treated part of our body—it supports all our weight and yet we tend to pay the least amount of attention to them. Just like we pamper our facial and body skin; our feet need to feel loved too—at least once a week if not regularly!

And the easiest foot-care regimen using just a foot file is listed below for you!

Soak your feet

foot soak

Our main problem is dry, scaly skin; and soaking the foot in some warm (soapy, optional) water will help getting the problem areas soft and easy to work with. Though some people tend to use a file on dry skin, but that can lead to getting minor-cuts on the skin, so we avoid it. Sit on the edge of a bath-tub and soak your feet for about 15-20 minutes. The filing process will get a lot easier.

Absorb excess water with a soft towel


Filing on WET feet is never an option—and never should be. Wet feet filing can lead to a lot of bacterial accumulations—and we do not want that! So absorb any excess water and leave the foot in a damp state. Damp feet are the easiest and the best work-place for your foot file.

Use a foot file on the damp heels and foot-ball


Now comes the crucial step. Using the abrasive side of the foot file, scrub the sides of the heel and move it gently on the hard skin of your heel-balls. Similarly go with a gentle but firm hand on the ball of the foot (near the toes) and run the file on the sides of the foot as well. Go over each area atleast twice. But make sure to go smoothly, you do not want to scrape off your tender skin.

Run the file across and under the toes

foot file

It is not only your heels and foot-ball which need all the filing—your toes are all the more prone to accumulating dead skin. We all have suffered from dry toes, isn’t it? Taking your foot file, scrape off the dead skin from under your toes. Run your filer on the sides of the big toes as well. Push in the cuticles as well.

Follow up with a foot-scrub in case of extra-dry skin

foot scrub

Now if you have extra-dry skin, make sure to follow up with a specially formulated foot-scrub and use a generous amount of it to slough off any remaining dry skin from the feet.

Clean-off the feet completely


Make sure you clean up all the dead skin residues and the remaining foot scrub on the feet so that there is no bacterial infection happening on the foot. There is nothing worse, I swear! CLEAN UP THE FOOT COMPLETELY AND WIPE IT ALL WITH A SOFT TOWEL.

Use a moisturizing foot-balm


The last step to gorgeous feet is applying a thick foot-moisturizing cream and rubbing it in the skin real well. Try and doing all these steps before going to bed, so that you can wear soft socks and go to sleep with the cream. This helps in getting the moisturizer getting absorbed well!


When are you pampering your feet?


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