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How To Wear A Shirt Gown For A Slimmer Looking Silhouette Ft LASTINCH


Hola curvies!

As of late, you guys have been showering so much love on my curvy fashion and plus size OOTD posts, that I feel overwhelmed. But with the deep gratitude, I feel there also comes a sense of responsibility; the responsibility to hone my work even more and get to you the best of plus size fashion available to us here in India. If being a plus size woman, you have ever felt bad about yourself or your body, then trust me woman, you are not alone in this. But what matters is how we cope up with that moment of sad frenzy and how we make ourselves come out stronger. Being a plus size is not bad, but being ashamed of yourself is. And honestly, with such confidence boosting clothing lines like Lastinch, there is nothing to feel pitiable about anymore.


Those who know me in person, know that I am not as confident a woman on the inside as I make myself look in public, but that’s really fine till I do not let anyone pull me down from the high pedestal I place myself on. However much I might like the body shape and size I am in currently, we all have our moments of weakness when we want to look especially slimmer for a special occasion or a special someone. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to dress up just to please anyone, but to feel good about myself, and that’s pretty justified a reason if you ask me.


Since the very beginning of my time in the plus size fashion arena, I have heard how vertical stripes and solid colors are a curvy girl’s best friend. And rightly so! Though I understood why is it so only after I got the opportunity to fit in in one of the most comfortable, chic yet super classy vertical printed shirt gown from the house of Lastinch.


For those who don’t know, Lastinch is one of the predominant plus size clothing brands in India which does not just cater to Indian curves but adds an international oomph to any desi girl’s wardrobe. They honestly have anything and everything that you might need, from camisoles, tights, Kurtis, tops, tees, shirts, formals, skirts, and so much more, to build up a curvy closet.




So enough of philandering away from the topic. Back to the shirt gown and how to dress it up for a day out with your girls! As a rule of thumb, the wider you are, the more vertical prints you should wear for a slimmer silhouette. And stripes, are one of those unbeatable prints which, if worn the right way, can totally upgrade your outfit from a zero to ten.




I got this gorgeous polyester, v-neck blue beige, maxi length shirt gown off of Lastinch and I am so glad I chose this. The dress has some super sexy yet very feminine slits both on the sides as well as the front but they are placed at such angles so as to not show off much skin. And as if the long prints were not enough to add the oomph to the outfit, the solid (and not to forget, very pleasing) color combination of deep blue, beige, tan and white along with the waist cinching string make the outfit something which curvy dreams are made up of.


I am at a modest height of 5’9” and it was relatively easier for me to pull off this dress with just a pair of tan kitten heels. But even if you are on the petite side of the horizon, you should not underestimate the prowess of the dress and its elongating properties. First, the vertical print does the job of elongation real well. Secondly, if you closely look at the neck, it has a deep-looking v-neck which again leaves you with exposed collarbones; resulting in more length to the body. Also if you want a more loose fitting casual dress to go, you can remove the detachable strings from the arms and the waist; but in my opinion, the strings really pull the dress together.






I love this dress to the T, and wore this for a brunch date with my girls this valentines week. Even if you do not have that special someone for valentines, I say get dressed, wear your best perfume and take yourself out on a solo date. You have all the rights to look good, feel sexy and be confident. And as always, I am here to love you all.












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