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Make The Ageing Halt With Himalaya Youth Eternity Range


Ageing is one topic which can be called highly debatable. It is always there, always happening whether you notice it or not. A lot of us, especially the ones in our early 20’s choose not to accept the fact that with each passing day, we are aging and we choose not to do anything about it. But there are a certain few brands who think about the unthinkable and are coming up with thoughtful products for those who do not want to accept the fact that aging happens on a daily basis.

We do not grow old just by age, but with skin as well. It’s not just you who ages, but your skin ages equally. especially with the kind of lifestyle we have today, aging is way more fast paced than it was a decade or two ago. Undoubtedly, our mothers and our grandmothers did not have to worry about aging in their 20’s or even early 30’s because of the kind of lifestyle and food habits they had. But in an era of a full face of makeup at the age of 16-17, heavy pollution, global warming and poor dietary habits–our generation needs to be prepared to fight off the early signs of aging, way before it becomes visible.


Recently Himalaya Wellness launched its Youth Eternity Skincare range which is especially targetted towards the younger women who just cannot accept that aging is happening even to the best of us. The range consists of three prime products–a day cream, a night cream and an under eye serum. All three products are formulated using the plant stem cell research and are especially targetted towards plumping up your skin and replenishing it.


As always, Himalaya Wellness has made sure to keep the price range in the drugstore bracket to make the product easily available to a wide spectrum of audiences. So here is a detailed product review of all three creams from the range with all the product specifications. Keep on reading to know more.

Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream

Day cream in lame man vocabulary is the moisturizer that you apply the first thing in the morning–after cleansing and toning your skin of course. Day creams are supposed to be a lightweight moisturizer which has a  nonsticky formula and seeps into the skin quickly and effortlessly.

day cream

PRICE- INR 499 for 50ml of product

The day cream comes with a pump packaging which is compact and easy to use. The pump dispenses just the right amount of product for one application. In my opinion, the cream is definitely moisturizing but does not leave your skin feeling heavy or oily. One can actually use this day cream as a moisturizing makeup base and the makeup sits really well atop it.


Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream

The late-night schedules of today have made under eye creams a necessity in our lives. Under eye puffiness, dark circles and bags are the biggest issues all the young women (and men alike) have these days–making under eye creams an integral part of our skin care.


PRICE- INR 525 for 15 ml of product

The price may sound too steep for the product, but one should keep in mind that eye creams are always a little more expensive than regular creams as they are more concentrated, and secondly, you just need one tiny drop to spread out beneath bot your eyes. So a little product lasts you a long, long time. The Himalaya youth eternity eye cream is super lightweight and spreads like magic without making your undereye bags look sticky or greasy; neither does it make the under eye skin look heavy.


Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream

In contrast to day creams, night creams are supposed to be heavy moisturizers as night time allows our skin plenty of time to let the product absorbed in our skin and let the goodness of the plant stem cell research technology sink in the whole night.


night cream

PRICE- INR 499 for 50ml

No matter how heavy duty the himalaya youth eternity night cream is, it is in no ways heavy feeling on the skin and like the day cream gets absorbed in a jiffy. It feels rich and luxuriant while massaging it in the skin, but once absorbed, it does not make the skin look excessively greasy or oily; but just adds a healthy glow to it. Again, the cream comes with a pump packaging and is really easy to use.


My Final Views On The Himalaya Youth Eternity Range

The range is very decently priced, is packed super well. The packaging is not just cute and practical but is also convenient in terms of usage. But if there was one thing which I love the most about this range is the fragrance and how it lingers ever so slightly. The fragrance does not overpower your nasal senses but just lets you whiff that subtle florals cent. All in all, all three products absorb into the skin really well, do not let the skin wear down or look heavy. For a 23-year-old girl, I would say that in just 2 weeks of use, I can already feel my skin plumping up. Yes, the skin does feel rich and replenished and I would totally recommend this to bot my male and female readers as this range is unisex and is suitable for all age groups.


So that was my take on the Himalaya Youth Eternity Range. What do you think about aging? Let me know in the comments section below.

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