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One Saree Fits All Ft CRAFTSVILLA


The next time you feel hesitant about wearing a sari, take a deep breath and think of what your mom, or your grandmom would have worn on their most important days. Whether you are six feet-plus, curvy, petite or plus-sized; a well-draped handloom sari can make you look just as sexy as a LBD. So why are young women today reluctant to be seen in six yards of Chanderi? Why is a sari still something our moms would wear and not every  20 somethings’ wardrobe staple? On this very note, I decided to team up with India’s most trusted saree brand to show how any and every body type can rock a sari.


Till date, Sari, one of the sexiest outfit known to the fashion industry, is considered highly traditional,  fit for pujas or weddings or even farewells, meant for the middle-aged women and definitely not a petite woman’s cup of tea.

However, the six yards have much more to them than being a wardrobe staple for the average woman in her thirties. If draped with style and elegance, Sari would, in fact, be the only outfit that can turn from an ethnic piece of beauty to a sensuous outfit, the only outfit that would do wonders no matter what your age or the occasion, and perhaps that one Indian couture that drapes you no matter the curves or not.

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This year is turning out to be a great year for the saree. Women all over the country are getting together to reclaim the traditional piece of clothing and, for once, everyone’s on board this fashion movement. Because that’s the beauty of a saree. One size fits all, looks fabulous on all, and can be shared by all too. In case you’re still stuck on the appreciator stage, let these beautiful pictures, and this equally beautiful saree from Craftsvilla, inspire you to finally take the plunge.

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I think most people feel it is very old-school to wear one, something I completely disagree with. I think it’s all about how you style it, there are so many possibilities vis-à-vis the drapes. The best part is, you can accentuate any part of your body with the way you drape the pallu. No matter what shape or size you are, a sari needs no customisation, just drape it well and you can rock in one from day to night! A little bit of practice and you can walk around in one. I feel there aren’t many aspirational figures out there wearing saris for younger women to look up to and get inspired. However, it is good to see a lot of designers translating traditional weaves into something modern by adding funk to them.


I honestly don’t know why young women don’t like wearing saris today. Maybe because when you don’t know how to drape one, it can be time consuming (the struggle is real). But once you get acquainted, I don’t think there’s anything that can make a woman look more elegant than a beautiful handloom piece like the one I am wearing.




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