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Oriflame Essence & Co. Lemon and Verbena Bath Range Review

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Summers always leave me craving for fresh citrus-ey fragrances and the lemon fragrance is one such scent which always makes me go weak in the knees. Lemons and verbena, when combined together, are perhaps one of the most energizing and relaxing scent duos and like all products, Oriflame has once again nailed this Essence & Co Lemon and Verbena bath and body range of products. To know my experience with this succulent smelling range, keep reading.

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Honestly, I can just sit and spend hours appreciating the beauty of these gorgeous bottles. Although they are basic transparent pump bottles, but just the combination of lemon green golden and whites make the entire packaging look so luxe and high end. Oriflame Essence & Co. Lemon and Verbena range is definitely for those who want a luxurious bathing experience at the price of drugstore products.

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The range consists of a handwash, a body wash, and a water based body moisturizer which not just smell amazing and super fresh but also feel very rich on the skin.


Oriflame Sweden Essence & Co. Lemon and Verbena Body Wash: INR 699 for 300 ml
Oriflame Sweden Essence & Co. Lemon and Verbena Moisturizer: INR 799 for 300 ml
Oriflame Sweden Essence & Co. Lemon and Verbena Hand Wash: INR 499 for 300 ml

One thing which needs to be noted about all Oriflame products which come with a pump is that they all come with a different kind of pump which needs to be understood. On first look it may look like the pump is defected, but in reality, it has the option of ‘open’ and ‘close’ written on it with directions. Rotate it towards the left to open the pump and towards the right to seal the pump. This sealed pump mechanism makes all Oriflame products super easy to pack and travel with as there is zero chance of any leakage.

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Although the products and the packaging look very high end and luxe, the price point does not cease to amaze me. Honestly, for the kind of bath experience these products give, these are totally worth the money. In fact, there are more hyped up brands in the market which sell their average products for much higher prices, but Oriflame is one brand which I can trust for quality and value for money.

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Now I am a very hard pleaser when it comes to bath and body products, and when it comes to this range, it is not just the fragrance which I am a fan of but the way it works for me. Body washes which do not lather or take a lot of effort to wash off are a big bummer for me, and this body wash not just lathers beautifully, but just two to three pumps are enough for one shower. Also, it washes off super easily without leaving the skin feeling dry or stretchy. Followed up with the water based lemon and verbena moisturizer, this set is my perfect go-to choice for summers.

I love experimenting with my bath and body products. What is your latest bath and body obsession?

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