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Oriflame The One Lash Resistance Mascara Review and EOTD


Lashes, one thing which is the new craze in 2017 makeup game. And if you ask me, a set of full lashes is the biggest deal breaker I have ever seen. A typical Indian woman has an inkling to go for her eyeliner for regular day makeup look, but if you ask me, a good mascara is all you need to open up your eyes and make your eyes look dolled up without making the makeup looking too obvious. But not all mascaras are made equal. And here I am with the detailed review of one of my most favourite mascaras from Oriflame The One range.


There are thousands of mascaras in the market currently and like all makeup products, some are way more expensive than the others. But if you are to think critically, you should take into consideration the fact that mascaras should be replaced every 3-4 months, so obviously it is not worth investing in. Not that I recommend buying local mascaras, but surely, a smart choice like the one from Oriflame helps. So lets go into details without further ado.


Packaging, Wand and Bristles

Oriflame The One Lash Resistance Mascara comes in a conventional long, sleek purple tube with screw top lid which has the attached wand on it. However much conventional the packaging and wand might be, the wand works fantastically well in terms of separating the lashes and combing them thoroughly. The bristles are tightly packed,a nd the tube is really slim and easy to use.



INR 499


Lets get real, almost all black mascaras I have used till date are decently black. Agreed, some are blacker than others while some are not as pigmented; but Oriflame The One range of mascaras are definitely on the top rung of pigment when it comes to finding a good pitch black mascara which is packed with colour pigments.



I have used some really liquidy mascaras which can be termed runny if I be honest. And no, using a liquidy mascara is definitely not a comfortable experience. But Oriflame The One Lash Resistance Mascara is definitely one of the most comfortable texture to wear on the lashes. It is moderately thick but not gloopy, and goes on really smooth on the lids without clumping even on the third coat. What more could I ask for in a mascara?


Staying Power

No where does the mascara claim to be water proof, but if you ask me, this mascara is pretty sturdy to go by the entire day. In the unfortunate case of you crying like a lunatic, or splashing your face with water; there is no chance your mascara is going off anywhere. Yes, not even if you shed a happy tear or two. It is quick to dry but does not make the lashes look flaky or clumpy at any point. The wand separates each lash and coats every lash hair evenly and with utmost precision.



The Curvy Recommendation

I definitely recommend this mascara for anyone looking out for a good daily use mascara which is not just cost efficient but also really opens up your eyes and volumizes your lash line.

The Curvy Rating


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