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Shoe Bite: How To Prevent, Manage And Cure


The beautiful smile on your gorgeous face after a long shopping spree says it all. You sure would have stocked up on quite some shoes, given that is the “SALE” season. But is your happiness limited only till the time you actually wear those stunning pair of shoes, just to find that they bite, and that too terribly? Do you have a couple of pairs of open-back shoes which you so totally despise? Or a pair of strikingly gorgeous stiletto heels that you are scared of wearing? If one or all of these situations sound recognisable, then you my friend abhor the horror of your shoes biting you.



1. About 80% women in India wear a shoe smaller than their actual size, just because it is eye-appeasing. For many of us, comfort comes secondary. This is so utterly wrong. Wearing ill-fitted shoes is the key cause of shoe bites and the following blisters and scars. Another reason which can cause sore shoe bites is trying new shoes, or worse, wearing shoes which have not been broken in. The more the shoe comes in contact with the skin, the more the friction, the more the chaffing. Trust me; you do not want to go through it. The pain can be excruciating.

2. The most basic thing you can do to manage shoe bites, and keep them at bay is to choose comfortable shoes, which fit like a glove. Simple. Undoubtedly, some shoes look like they are worth all the pain in the whole wide world, but they are not. No, nothing is above the health of your feet. No matter how sexy the shoe with pointed toes and elasticised heel band looks, if it bites you, it is worthless. Chuck it off.

3. Your feet tend to expand after a long day of movement, leaving you with the biggest size of the feet that your feet can be. Use this to your advantage, and wait till late afternoon or dusk to go shoe-shopping. You will definitely end up buying the most comfortable pair of shoes ever.



At times, even the most comfortable of the shoes tend to bite. I don’t know why this happens, but it does happen somehow. Below are a few tricks to follow in order to prevent your shoes from chaffing your skin.


Breaking in new shoes by wearing it all day at home can get a bit too painful, and not to forget, tiring. A better option to break in your shoes, minus the pain, is to use the blow-dryer trick. Wear a pair of the fluffiest socks you own, and fit your feet into your new shoes. Now set your blow-dryer to its highest setting and blow your feet out for about 2-3 minutes on each feet. Once you have blasted them with heat, try walking in your shoes until they cool down. And you’re done.


Apply castor oil on the insides of the shoes, especially focusing on the areas which tend to bite the most. You can always substitute castor for coconut oil, depending upon availability. Oil is a good shoe softener and it softens the edges of the shoes beautifully, making them less prone to biting. Let the oil be in the shoes for about three days, and make sure to wipe off any excess before deciding to wear them. You do not want to have a slippery walk.



Taking a generous amount of Vaseline, slather it liberally on to the problem areas on the insides of your shoes. Let the Vaseline stay put overnight, wipe off the shoe in the morning and wear them. The Vaseline cuts off chances of friction, thereby diminishing the chances of the shoes to bite. The only problem is that you need to decide which shoe to wear, in advance. A daunting task indeed! Isn’t it?


Just like oil and petroleum jelly, raw potato slices or potato juice can also immensely help in softening the edges of the shoes. No more shoe bites, instantly!


No, not on the entire shoe, just the edges which tend to bite. Say, the heel of the shoe, it is one area which can get the most painful. Try rubbing on some candle wax onto the edge, but make sure that you are not expected o be standing or walking in your shoes, as once the wax withers off, ouch, the shoe would start biting.


Try wearing band aids on the trouble spots to avoid the skin coming in contact with the shoe altogether. If you have sexy peep toes, or open shoes, you can always opt for clear bandages, which are not distinctly visible, still do a good task at avoiding shoe bites.


Take the shoe that you think may bite, and stuff it with a lot of dampened newspaper. Stuff it till there is no inch of the shoe left, or let me say, over-stuff it (if any such term exists. But you get the idea, right?). Now place the shoes near a fire place or a heater and let the shoes be so overnight. Take out the newspapers the next morning and dry them completely before wearing them. This trick helps making the shoes more comfortable by enlarging the shoe size a bit.



Now, that you did not have time to follow any of the above preventive measures, or you forgot to do them, or simply if you already are suffering from painful blisters and patchy scars on your gorgeous feet; read on to know a few natural cures. You can always apply antiseptic powders and creams to cure them, but if you fix on to go au natural, then we have a few tips for you.

  1. RUB ICE CUBES: Ice cubes are nothing new when it comes to healing painful feet, no matter what the pain is about, a bad shoe bite is no exception. Rubbing ice to a blister will help soothe the inflammation, reduce the pain and would even help in controlling the swelling.
  2. MAGIC OF ASPIRIN: Aspirin works wonders to cure shoe bite pains. No, you need not take it orally. Crush a couple of tablets of aspirin, and make a thick paste out of it, by adding a few drops of water. Apply this mixture to thoroughly dried skin and see the instantaneous results.
  3. THE GOODNESS OF TURMERIC NEEM PASTE: Turmeric and neem leaves, are both rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory goodness, which works miraculously to cure the unbearable pain caused by an ugly shoe bite. Take a spoonful of turmeric and a few, freshly washed, neem leaves; and make a mixture of the two by blending them along with some water and a few drops of glycerine. Make sure the paste is not much granular, and rub the smooth paste over the chaffed skin to soothe the inflammation.
  4. HONEY TO THE RESCUE: HONEYNothing works better than honey, when it comes to skin care. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help heal the skin faster and even helps in fading away the scars caused by shoe-bite blisters. Apply it locally, and wait till the honey gets tacky. Then wash off with cold water.
  5. THE RENOWNED RICE FLOUR PASTE: A paste made up of grounded rice and water is well known for curing shoe bites, and has been used since ages. It provides instant relief to the aching blisters, and pacifies the burning sensation the blisters tend to cause. Grind some rice finely, aiming for flour like texture. Now mix this mixture with water and make a thick paste. This mixture can also act as an exfoliant for the feet, but make sure not to rub it very hard against the chaffed skin. It could be painful.
  6. ALWAYS-AT-HAND WHITE TOOTHPASTE: Who knew, that the tube of toothpaste you thought had no other purpose than cleaning your teeth, could be an ideal remedy for curing shoe-bites? Yes, take a tube of white toothpaste and apply it locally on the blistered skin. White toothpastes generally contain hydrogen peroxide and menthol, which act as anti-inflammation products and helps soothe the skin. Pass up on gel toothpastes, as the ingredients in them can additionally fan the flames of the problem.
  7. RUB ALOE VERA GEL: Have you heard of any skin inflammation that this little plant full of awesomeness cannot heal? I personally haven’t. Rubbing Aloe Vera gel directly on the infected skin, or the vicious blister helps in achieving immediate results from the agonising ache and soreness; while prolonged use of the gel can even help rectify any reminiscent of the scarring caused by the bites.

A woman’s well-kept feet, gives away her notion of a good personality. No matter how much you spend on those luxurious pedicure sessions, if your feet are scarred, they cannot look the most beautiful in the lot. With a little patience, and our handy little tips, you would soon be completely free of the pin those nasty blisters have been bothering you with, since god-knows-when.

Now, that you have our know-it all guide to shoe bites, I hope you no more fear those stunning high stiletto heels you left in the store despite of the awesome price they came on?

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