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Stepping Up Your FashionGame With Mahi Leather

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Who doesn’t love a good bag? I for one, am obsessed with any and all kinds of bags! Duffles, holdalls, satchels, backpacks, totes, you name it and I want the best of the lot for me and my family. Most of our family is located outside Delhi, mostly Punjab, so a mandatory day trip or two to the state is a must. And the cool thing about short trips is that you do not need to carry a lot of stuff and can pack really light. But the problem comes up while finding the right pick for your travel.

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Here in India, we mostly get bulky suitcases and cheap looking duffles until and unless one is ready to splurge a handsome sum of money for some fancy schmancy branded bag. So now what if you really want a bag which is sturdy, looks classy, is durable, and does not cost a shit ton of money? Then, my friend, you opt for Mahi Leather Bags, an online leather shop which sells authentic leather bags in all shapes and sizes. Do you want a satchel, or a backpack, a duffle, a wash bag or even a MacBook case? You get them all at the one stop shop at MAHI LEATHERS!


Alright, So I have already acquainted you with what all MAHI Leathers is capable of–duffles, weekender bags, satchels or backpacks; you name it and you get it here. But this is not just what MAHI leather does. Everything MAHI sells is specially made to order and is shipped worldwide. Now the apparent reason behind making each bag to order is pretty simple. The cost of having to save and stock the leather and the bags gets cut down manifold if they manufacture each bag to order. But also, this leaves room for creativity and personalization. Oh, did I tell you, that each of your MAHI LEATHER BAG can be personalized with your initials embroidered on them?

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Personalisation, yes! I can not imagine a cooler bag than anything with my name on it. You can get your name (if you are lucky to have a 4 letter name or nickname) or the initials of your company or your name (anything you want basically) embroidered in a choice of colors. And the charm of an embroidered name on your bag is something which no amount of printed names can match. Also, MAHI LEATHER ships their customized bags worldwide at a flat shipping rate with tracked shipping to make sure that your beloved bag is not prone to misplacement at any cost.

Now if you look at their collection of bags, you’ll see every fabric (leather, canvas or suede) and every possible color (tan, an array of browns, blues, blacks, and greens) you could imagine a bag in But is that it? Definitely not. MAHI leather has some really cool limited edition leather bags in gold and Hollywood pink which are to die for, really. But if there is one thing that I love more about MAHI LEATHERS (even more than this hot pink duffle) is the concept behind this brand. There are a lot of brands which claim to be different, but not all suffice to their claims. But MAHI definitely does.

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For a branded leather bag, the price of MAHI bags is relatively lower. How? Because they have significantly cut down their costs by cutting out middlemen and connecting the craftsmen to the customers directly. And if you want to know why the name MAHI, it has a story behind it too. The company gets its name from the MAHI river in INDIA, and they are seriously committed to charity work for INDIA and making it a better place to live in.

MAHI Leather donates $1.50 from the sale of each bag to FRANK Water Projects (Registered Charity No. 1121273), a UK based charity which has helped over 300,000 people gain access to clean water since 2005.

So if a brand is ready to help out our nation, shouldn’t  we as a market support them and join in their initiative. I have ordered my personalized MAHI leather bag and will be sharing with you guys the pictures of the same soon. When do you plan to order your MAHI LEATHER BAG?

You can discover more about MAHI LEATHER here.

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