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Svayam Naturals Sesame And Coconut Oil Review


Hello lovelies!

So recently I got the opportunity to try out a few really cool all-natural, handmade products from a relatively new brand called Svayam Naturals. Now that I have been using tons of crafted artificial beauty products since like years now, my skin and my hair really craved a dose of natural goodness. And svayam natural’s range of hair and bath oils reached me just in time. So after 2 weeks of having used and tested it, I am here to review the two different oils; coconut hair oil and sesame bath oil, on the blog. Keep on reading to know more.

About Svayam Naturals

Svayam as a brand lustures after the bounty of nature and everything natural. As a brand, it has ensured to rejoice in the goodness of mother nature and take people back to their roots by interjoining beauty and nature. All of the products in their line are 100% natural with not an ounce of additives or preservatives, which has its pros and cons both. Given that their ingredient list is tiny (because of no artificial additives), one can securely indulge in their products, but on the other hand, the lack of preservatives make the products go bad really quick. So much for the price of natural goodness for our bodies.


Coconut Hair Oil With Amla Extract and Neem Stems

So the Svayam Coconut Hair Oil is enriched with Amla extracts and neem stems and the oil claims to build hair immunity and also prevents dandruff as well.

Price :  INR 385 for 100 ml of product


The hair oil comes in a cute little transparent bottle which is filled with a beautiful golden oil concoction filled to the brim enclosed with a dull golden metal screw top lid. For the price, however, I expect a better packaging with a nozzle dispenser or something which does not let the oil glug out as soon as the lid is off. But if it comes to the way this oil works, I would say it is amazing, truly.IMG20170210121916

Like any other regular coconut oil, this needs to be warmed up before you can use it. As for the usage; gently massage onto the scalp and apply along the entire length of your hair. Rinse after 30 minutes with a mild shampoo. Avoid contact with eyes. In case accidental contact occurs, rinse well with warm water.

With the presence of those tiny neem stems in the hair oil bottle itself, the oil looks super fancy and therapeutic. Having been using this for 2 weeks now, I feel that the oil is super luxuriant on the mane, does moisturize the scalp and roots well, and does not leave a sticky feeling after shampoo. It surely does improve the immunity of my hair as my vigorous hair fall has been so much better for the past week and so are my rough split ends. However, the dandruff part I am not really sure of, because my mom tried it as well (and she does not have heavy dandruff) but this oil did not handle the dandruff part much for her, but the hair immunity of her shaft is so much better as well.


You can buy it here :


Sesame Bath Oil With Jasmine and Rosemary

So next comes in one of the best bath oils which I have used till date, the Svayam Sesame Oil with Jasmine and Rosemary which has the goodness of almond extract to add into its bounty.


Price: INR 415 for 100 ml of product

So svayam naturals claim this oil to be meant for those evening deep relaxation massages and hot showers when you just want to get off with all those tiredness of the day and fall into deep slumber. For me, I have never been a fan of bath oils, I just feel they are over hyped and do absolutely nothing for my sensitive skin. But this was until my skin felt the luxury of Svayam Sesame bath oil.



The oil is super light weight, does not stick to the body at all–no more of that sticky oil slathered on your body which feels icky. Plus, the oil smells great which is such a major plus point for me. I actually end up smelling good throughout the day if used in my morning bath. This oil can be used both as a pre-bath oil as well as a bath time oil, as and how you might like using your bath oils. For the general usage instructions, you should gently massage the oil in slow circular motions during the bath. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse with warm water. Can be used as a pre-bath massage oil also.

You can buy it here:


TCP Recommendation

We at The Curvy Princess are so totally in love with the oils and are really impressed by the quality of products. Highly recommended.

TCP Rating

4.5/5 (0.5 deduction for the clumsy packaging)

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