The beginners guide to NAIL ART TOOLS


My favourite means of passing time is to stick around the internet and saving ideas for unique and latest nail art ideas. And the rest of my time is spent cringing about how I am never able to recreate those beautifully adorned nails. But thanks to the heavy dose of brilliant tricks and tips, I have finally combated my fear of nail-art designing. Undoubtedly, regular trips to a nail art salon can be very expensive, so let me talk you into the tools of the trade. Keep reading.

1. Efficient base coats and top coats.


Yes you heard it right; any nail art is incomplete without a touch of your shiny top coat. Top coats help your manicure last a little longer by sealing the design on the nails. But do make sure that you invest in a good quality, fast-drying top coat for the best results. I have worked with cheap polishes, and trust me, they DO NOT WORK. And yes, how can we forget base coat. Depending on the requirements of your nails, you can choose a calcium-building base coat. Base coats also help nourishing your nails while protecting them from the harsh and bright nail colours.

2. Stash of good-quality nail enamels.


From classic reds and pinks, to bright yellows, orange and corals, to the more daring darker hues of purples and blues; try and get hold of as much variants you can for your nail art kit. Good quality nail paint never hurt anyone, did it? Try laying your hands upon the latest trends, from cracking nail polishes, to glitter nail paints to the newest innovation; magnetic nail polishes. But before buying any nail paint make sure it does not give lumpy or goopy finish and looks clean on application.

3. Nail File or Buffer.


No nail art can look good on defiled and uneven nails. Buffers come in a variety of grits, just like the texture of sandpaper. Abstain from buying metal files, and try opting for files which have smoother texture; ideally being dual-sided. Go Buffing!

4. Dotting tool.


Dotting tools generally come in a pack of five, dual-ended tools; which makes up to 10 different sizes of dotting devices. These are oh-so-perfect for making the most loved polka-dot designs, and can also help you achieve the classy animal print nail art. If you don’t feel like splurging on a dotting tool, get hold of your bobby pin and use the smooth rounded end of the pin instead of the device to create dots. You can always look for nail art inspiration to start designing your gorgeous nails.

5. Nail-art pens.


If you are more into detailing, nail art pens are a must. Indian markets today are flooded with nail art pens which come in different colours and textures. I cannot tell you how convenient and easy to use these little bottles of gorgeousness are. From dots, to stripes, to floral designs, to teardrops; detailed designing is bliss with these pens. If there is one thing I would want to recommend stacking for your kit, it is these nail art pens.

6. Detailing Brushes.


Apart from making your work look so much practised, nail art brushes can make your detailing much more thorough and accurate. These are the easiest and the most efficient of all nail art tools. There is no end to their uses, from elaborate flowery patterns to thin lines of French manicure, these brushes are truly amazing. It also helps attain more sleek finish to your nails without making the polish looking goopy or lumpy.

7. Tip painter or Nail Striper.


These are special kinds of nail polishes which do not come with the regular flat-ended bristles, instead they have thin bristles which are perfect for creating stripes or painting your sparkling French tips. If you do not want to spend on different colours of these special polishes, opt for striping brushes which you can use with any of your favourite polish colours. Just make sure to clean your brushes regularly, basically after each use.

8. Stripping Tapes.


Strip-ping tapes come in an array of colours and looks; from neon to metallic and shiny. This is the quickest way to adorn your nails without having to take the extra pains to create intricate designs. These tapes are very thin, and easy to use and help in adding the much desired metallic touch to your hands.

9. Stationery Tape.


Stationary tapes are one useful thing when it comes to creating geometric patterns with ease. Specialised stationery tapes can always be substituted with your ordinary scotch or cello tapes. Just make sure to stick small pieces of tape, ideally a centimetre long tape on butter paper to remove extra stickiness of the tape. Use these pieces as convenient stencils to paint your nails with efficient designs.

10. Nail art stickers, Studs, Confetti Glitter and Rhinestones.


Aren’t the beautiful packets of nail-art stickers hanging on almost all cosmetic shops, the first thing which comes to your mind when you think nail art? From animated figures to skulls to butterflies to sparkly flowers, nail art stickers come in an array of shapes and sizes. There are many other beautiful accessories to embellish your nails, from cute bows, metallic studs, loose glitter and oh-so pretty rhinestones.

11. Pair of Nail-art tongs, Cuticle Trimmer and Small Scissors.


Nail art tongs can always be substituted with your favourite pair of (clean) tweezers. Tweezers are used to pick up tiny pieces of rhinestones and studs and placing them delicately on your manicure without disturbing it. A small scissors is a must for cutting thin pieces of tapes and the cuticle trimmer can help enhance the look of your finished manicure by taming your cuticles.

So this here, my beautiful ladies is your go-to basic guide for beautiful nails which will make you shine above everyone else. Whether going for a chic and high class look, or a more playful and funky look; go grab your favourite polishes and keep in mind my recommended tips; and you will be a pro at nail art in no given time. So go on, paint your nails.

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