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The Best Way To Wear Florals On A Curvy Body This Summer Ft. aLL-The Plus Size Store Spring Summer Collection’17


Hello there my gorgeous ladies!

The amount of love you have been showing to all my previous plus size fashion styling posts is crazy and I cannot be thankful enough to each one of you! Some of you asked me about Summer clothing options which were feminine, fresh and flirty but did not include dresses and I find this request very valid. After all, for a regular day out, most of us curvies feel way more confident and comfortable in our jeans and trousers rather than skimpy dresses (however adorable they might be). So here I ma bringing to you today the most classic summer outfits–the florals!


If you have been following me as of late, you would be knowing how madly obsessed I am with the spring summer collection 2017 from aLL- The Plus Size Store. some of you even messaged me asking that was the brand paying me to good-mouth it? But no people, I genuinely love the designs, the sizings and the quality of the new collection and hence this third post in a row. I would never promote a brand which I poersonally dont like or whose ideologies dont confer with me. So without further ado, lets jump into our curvy, floral-ly details!




So the first question which pops up in every curvy’s mind when she thinks of wearign florals–big or small? Honestly, I beleive that whatever suits your personality and mood should be the answer, but again if you want to wear somnething which is not just fresha nd young but also flatters you really well, I would suggest you go for smaller floral prints like this one. I am a big girl–5’9” with broad shoulders, hips and thighs, and if I were to wear those big floral print motifs, it is sure to make me look all the more bulky (which is not necessarily a bad thing, but looking sleek at times is also fun). Here I chose this pretty ribbed-neck cream toned top with subtle, yet bright rust-orange floral motifs which are tiny yet pretty visible. The tiny flowers first of all give a very dainty look to the overall outfit plus the neck and the fitting of the top adds to the already feminine looking charm of the final look. This top has to be hands down one of my favourites from the entire collection.




Now the second question which haunts us curvies while choosing floral prints, or aqny other cpeice of clothing for that sake is the colour. “White makes you look fat, choose darker colours”. No! Do not give in to this false misconception. Yes, darker colours are more concealing than the lighter colours but that does not mean you should shy away from lighter colours. If paired properly, they can look as flattering as any other colour on this planet. Trust me.


To emphasize my point all the more, here I chose a super light fabric bomber jacket in white, which again has bright red, orange and green floral motifs on it. Yes, white! No, it does not make you look super fat. Paired with a basic white (or even a colorful tee), some faded or even solid denim, a high pony, some red lipstick and a pair of chunky heels, this outfit is as solid as it can get. It screams fun, flirty, comfortable, outgoing yet chic. Worn zipped up or left open to just hang around as a cover up this floral print bomber jacket, if I might add, can be a vital addition to your summer wardrobe for 2017.

P.S Forgive me for not removing the tags from the jacket before I could shoot, I was so excited to show it to you guys that I forgot. 🙁


What do you think of florals? How do you like to dress them up? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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