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The California Boulevard — Delhi’s Best Destination For Celebrations


I have always wanted to dine in at a Hollywood style bistro and when such wishes are fulfilled during food events, I thank my decision to start blogging in the first place! So on the occasion of father’s day, me and my parents were hosted for a lunch at the California Boulevard which is located in Rajouri Garden, just minutes away from the Rajouri Garden Metro Station! The restro-bar is a two storey lavish affair with dimmer lighting on the first floor and more open themed, well-lit space on the second floor!

I debuted the tasting session with a sun goddess cocktail, which had just the perfect balance of sweetness and vodka, and was just perfect! Then started coming in the starters! In Veg starters, we began with the universally loved Mozzarella sticks, which were basically mozzarella cheese sticks coated with breadcrumbs to give a crispy outer crunch and a gooey center! Served with the marinara sauce, these were delish! Second on the perfect list were the vegetable dim sum–juicy, soft and full of flavors; and the duo of paneer tikka which had both achari paneer tikka and the hariyali paneer tikka–and those were the perfect hunger booster for the paneer lovers! The menu also comprised of Sushi paneer, but except for the fancy name, there was nothing spectacular about it–just a plain old paneer spring roll filled with cheese and spinach, and it was good, but not sushi-like! if there was one thing which i have to pinpoint as the star dish from the vegetarian starters menu, it has to be The Tangy button mushrooms and the Dilli ki Chaat! whereas the tangy button mushrooms will satiate the chilly-flavour lovers because of its hot flavors and chilly schezuan sauce; the chaat lovers can fulfill their cravings in the form of this huge portion of sweet and sour Dilli ki chaat which is basically a modern take on palak patta chaat! The catch here is that the palak patta is not at all heavy to eat, I mean it isn’t fried, in fact, the crispiness comes through the nitrogen used during cooking! Such yum in one plate!


Coming to the nonveg starters, I would first and foremost say that at California Boulevard, the veg starters undoubtedly beat the non-veg starters! And this coming from a hardcore nonvegetarian is something to be kept in mind! the best of the lot were the peri peri crispy chicken (a nice take on the classic peri-peri fused chicken) , Thai wok-fried chicken (which tasted more or less like chilly chicken with a Thai touch to it) and the Kefir Lime Chicken (which was the bomb, succulent, juicy and full of flavours). In seafood, we had the option of beer batter fish, and by experience, I can say I have had better! The fish was dry and not at all appealing to my taste buds! The prawn spring rolls are something I have mixed feeling about–the spring rolls in itself were bland and the dip it accompanied–the sweet chili sauce–was a bit too sweet for a dip! Or maybe we can say that the Thai sweet chili sauce was a bit too overpowering for the true flavors of the dish to come out! Lastly, stay away from the chicken satay–it was too chewy and dry!

 In the main course, the vegetable lasagne, the ratatouille, and the Thai green curry were just some of the flavourful dishes that one must try when visiting the place. In nonvegetarian main course menu, do not even dare to miss the Chicken Pot Pie, it was indeed the star item on the list! A very English dish if you have always wanted to have something of the sorts! And if you want to dig into some Thai food then order the Thai red chicken curry with plain rice along with it and you are set to go! Both the pizza’s veg and nonveg were very average and can be skipped here! The last thing I tasted was the lamb fajitas with taco bread, but was I disappointed? yes, completely! I love my lamb dishes and if there is one down side to a lamb dish is when it’s undercooked or overcooked! And at this place, the lamb was excessively dry and chewy and not at all appealing! sad!


So now comes the time to discuss the bomb dishes–the most coveted desserts from the California Boulevard! If you are always confused between the traditional kulfi or chocolate deserts, go straight and ask for a Gajjak Kulfi which is served coated in a tempered chocolate bowl and is warmed up before you can smash into it! The kulfi has some crunchy, nutty flavors to it which most probably come from the gajjak in it. then if you are something like me and love your jar of Nutella, don’t even think twice before ordering your Nutella Torte which is a whopping portion of chocolatey goodness and has everything you can possibly crave for–from heaps of Nutella, to brownie pieces, to choco cookies, chocolate syrup, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and every frigging thing chocolate can potentially be! Oooooh, I am salivating just by writing about it!
And lastly, if you love your chocolate but don’t like them to be overtly sweet, go for the gigantic Chocolate Bomb which is a very huge ball made of tempered chocolate which breaks open once warm syrup touches its surface and reveals oodles of gooey vanilla ice-cream, tons of bite-sized brownie pieces, nuts, chocolate syrup, and sauce! To further balance out the flavors the syrup added atop the desert has a tinge of coconut oil to it which makes everything balanced and not extremely sweet! This giant baby was one helluva dish I have tried in my life!

tcb5So that was my overall conceptualisation of the California Boulevard! Give the review a thumbs up if it helped you in any manner, and do follow me guys for new updates. I honestly recommend this place for all your special days and occassions as The California Boulevard has a very spectacular finesse and aura to it making your fine-dining experience a new experience in its own. Have you visited The California Boulevard?

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