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The Nature’s Co. Vitamin Hair Conditioner Review


Hello my damsels!

I am the last person who you will find grooming or styling their hair. Belonging to a Sikh family, I have never trimmed or styled my hair, and whatever hair I have on my scalp is just the natural growth which has been cropping since 1994. So cutting it short, I solely rely on my hair care routine for proper growth and nourishment which I aim to achieve through my hair oils, shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. And I have tried so many of them for coming to a conclusion about my favourite hair care products. In my hoard to find my perfect hair conditioner, I tried The Nature’s Co. Vitamin Hair Conditioner and here is the detailed review of the same. 

What The Nature’s Co. Has To Say About It?

Contains pro vitamin B5 that naturally thickens hair; Nourishes and strengthens scalp.  Treat your crowning glory to our Vitamin Conditioner. It contains Pro-Vitamin B5 that naturally thickens hair, gives it body and hold while it gently nourishes and strengthens your scalp. Apply it after shampooing and leave it on for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse hair well with cold water for a shinier look. Because it’s natural and gentle, you can use it daily. Can be used with any of our shampoos.


Price and Quantity

INR 645 for 250 ml

Ingredients In The Conditioner

The Natures Co has a proud lineage of all natural products and the same goes for their Vitamin Hair Conditioner. Each 100 ml of the product contains:
Pro-Vitamin B5 – 3%
Hydrolyzed wheat protein – 2%
Vegetable Glycerine – 5%
Cream Base, Aroma, Natural Preservatives Q.S


And the best part is that all of it is made using natural hill spring waters. And the fact that I can rest assured about all natural ingredients going on y hair makes me feel safe and secure. After all who wants an extra dose of unwanted chemicals on their already parched hair?


The hair conditioner comes in a rectangular, see through plastic container with a green flip-open lid. The rectangular shape of the bottle makes the product look really attractive and is a refreshing change from the conventional squeezy conditioner tubes. The lid shuts tight and the bottle is one hundred percent safe for travel purposes. It dispenses just the right amount of product for one wash. Also being see through, it is easy to see when you are running out of your conditioner so that you know when to buy the new bottle.


Consistency and Fragrance

The Natures Co Foressence Vitamin Hair Conditioner has a milky texture which is silky, smooth and velvety but not a really thick product. Although I like thick conditioners for extreme moisturization which makes the hair really soft, but the consistency of this conditioner is such that it can be used as a daily hair care product without the fear of making your hair look weighed down. Also, the product has a really floral scent which is strong but not too strong. And for those with sensitive noses, the smell does not linger on for long after you rinse out the product. It just makes the hair smell fresh.


My Experience With The Hair Conditioner

As for the packaging and the ease of use is concerned, this product is bang on. But as I said, I like heavy duty conditioners for my shaft as I am not a daily hair wash person. Instead I like to give my mane a pampering session every three days and thus I prefer conditioners which are a little thick and more moisturising, especially in winters when my hair get dry and frizzy. I cannot say that I do not like this conditioner, as I honestly love how it feels on my hair. When used after a hair oil and shampoo session, this product works wonder for smoothening out my tresses. And if you have used a hair mask prior to using this, then you can expect the smoothest hair of your life with this conditioner. As i said, this is a light weight conditioner and can be conveniently used as a daily product if you wash your hair regularly. So over all, this is one amazing light weight hair product which makes your hair soft and smooth, makes them look managed well without weighing your hair down.


The Curvy Rating


DISCLAIMER : The following products were sent to me for review purpose, but all opinions posted here are my own and in no way are influenced by the brand. This is not a sponsored post.





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