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The New Oriflame Eco Beauty Range Review



Hello lovelies!

Its been so long since I reviewed any skincare product range on the blog but with the weather changing like crazy in Delhi, my skin had been on such bad terms with me that I could not afford to experiment with my skincare regime. And now, that my skin is ready to behave a little better, I have been able to try out a completely new skincare product line launched by Oriflame Sweden. To begin with, I have really oily and seldom acne-prone skin and all the reviews posted below are based on my experience and are not generic.

The Oriflame Sweden Eco Beauty Range consists of 5 products in total, consisting of a cleansing milk, a toner, a facial cream, a facial serum and an under eye serum. Out of the five, I have four products with the exception of the face cream which I believe is a good old moisturizer. So let us begin with the details of each product and my views for each of them.

Oriflame Eco Beauty Cleansing Milk


The cleansing milk comes in a pump bottle and retails for INR 1299 and claims to a hydrating and softening formula. Enriched with cornflower and sunflower extracts, this cleansing milk does hold true to its hydrating claims. I prefer using this as the first step for my night time skin care regime, of course, after having removed my makeup with a making cleansing oil. The cleansing milk does not leave the skin squeaky clean and requires a follow-up gel based cleanser for getting it all off but it does moisturize the skin while cleansing it very gently.


Do I Recommend?

If you have normal to dry skin, this cleansing milk is the bomb product for your skin care routine. It will gently cleanse your skin while leaving behind enough moisture. But If you are an oily skinned beauty, I suggest you follow up this cleansing milk with a gel based cleanser to get all of the product build-up off.

Oriflame Eco Beauty Range Toner


I love myself a good toner, and especially for my oily skin, a spritz of toner acts like a revitalizing product for my skin. The Oriflame Eco Beauty Toner is again infused with rose and chamomile and claims to act as both a toner and a refresher. Given that the toner comes in a very convenient spray nozzle bottle, the refreshing part is so much easier with this product. The best part about the toner is its fragrance, it indeed smells like real roses and that rejuvenates even the most tired skin and mind. I like to use it not just as a toner (after cleansing my skin), but also as a makeup setting spray and a refreshing spray if I see my makeup getting blotchy or patchy after a few hours of wear. If I am using it after applying my makeup, I spritz it a few times all across my face let it get soaked up by the skin a little and then using a beauty blender just dab all the product inside the skin to get it really in there. It retails for INR 1,299.

Do I Recommend?

Hell, yes! This is indeed the star product from the Eco Beauty Range and is a must have for all skin types alike.



Orifklame Eco Beauty Facial Serum


The very name serum adds so much luxury to a skin care regime and if you are one fo those who still hasnt started trusting the power of skin serums, you really need to use a serum to know the kind of effect it has on our skin. This particular serum from the Oriflame Eco Beauty Range is a hydrating and illuminating serum and is enriched with Evening Primrose Oil and Aloe Vera. This 30 ml nbottle retails for INR 2,199 but for the quantity and the quality I say this product is worth investing in. Unlike other serums, this does not feel heavy on the skin, does not leave a strong product residue or leave the skin looking shiny and sticky. The serum goes on the skin super smooth and gets absorbed within a minute of application.


I like using this serum after I have cleansed and toned my skin, and the serum being a hydrating one does not require an additional layer of moisturizer as I have pretty oily skin as it is. The serum on its own provides enough moisturization for my skin and keeps it supple and shine free. Though it is hydrating, I cannot say much about the illuminating aspect of it.


I generally follow up my cleansing-toning-moisturising routine with a good eye cream and the eye cream from Oriflame Beauty Range is just what an oily-combination skin could dream of. Most eye creams these days are really heavy formulas and thought they moisturize the under eye skin real well, they also weigh down the skin real bad. But the Eco Beauty Eye Cream is a super lightweight formula and yet does the job of getting mine under eye skin moisturized and prepped for the day really well. I like storing my eye cream in the refrigerator and this way the eye cream not just moisturizes but the cooling effect also de-puffs my under eye bags pretty effectively. Also, the eye cream retails for a pretty decent price of INR 799.

More or less, I love the Eco Beauty Range and wholeheartedly recommend individual products catering to individual needs. But if you ask me, in just three weeks of continuous use, I have indeed seen a difference in my skin suppleness and elasticity and that is all I could have asked for from a skin care range.

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