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The Perfect Luxurious Pampering Sessions At Hair Masters Salon


Hola my princesses.
I am super duper down these days, ask why? Diwali is just round the corner,and here I am stuck up with writing my research paper for my Masters degree. Yes that one research paper has the potency to take all the festivity out from the festive season for me. But alas, things need to be done. But then there would be in numerous of us who’ll be stuck either at work, or with kids, or family gigs and what not. So how do we, the super busy (and tired) humans get the festive spark going in our monotonous schedules? With a pampering session at a luxury salon and spa, of course. I did the same, and I am here to share how and why Hair Masters Salon at Punjabi bagh, New Delhi is the perfect choice for all of you–men and women alike.


So me and my sister, we went for a pampering session late afternoon, and the salon was packed with customers despite of it being a working weekday. One look at the hoard of customers and I knew, this place has done something right to attract hell loads of customers even on a weekday. But despite of the loaded customers, we were entertained very courteously and were asked what we were looking for. One look at the massage chairs by the pedicure booth and I knew I wanted to get their in-house special pedicure session, followed by an anti dandruff and smoothing hair spa.

To start off with the pedicure we were made to sit on an ultra luxurious reclining massage chair which had automated but controllable motion. With remote in my hand, and a towel on my lap, the session begin. The staff was rather friendly, and they were happy to explain each and every step that they were curtailing in. Although we were advised to stay mum and keep our eyes closed to fully grasp the soothing foot massage. 10 minutes into the cuticle pushing and scrubbing, we were served with a warm cup of coffee with some cookies. Talk about pampering. The entire pedicure session took a little more than 30 minutes but the massage chair made everything so much worth it. Finally our feet were wrapped in a hot towel and were allowed to rest before we could choose our favourite nail paints. One thing to be mentioned here is that the quality of products used here is bomb. Even the nail paints they had stacked were from the house of OPI which do last a real long time on the nails. I chose a bright coral from the stack and 2 coats after, my feet looked at their very best. At 1000 bucks a session, I could not have asked for anything better.


I do wear closed shoes almost all the times and had severe tan lines on my feet, but this spa session did make them look so much better.


Then after the soothing foot pampering, we dived straight in for the hair spa. The hair specialist at the salon, Mr. Bunty. after analysing my scalp, shaft and the roots advised me to go for the SP hair spa which uses Wella proffesionals SP range of products. I was first given a hair wash, followed by slathering my hair with a nourishing conditioner and their luxuriant SP Luxe Oil and letting it soak in before a final rinse. And while the luxe oil was being massaged into my scalp and hair shaft, the person assisting me was kind enough to give me a full blown neck and shoulder massage. And the massage was something which took the experience to a whole new level. Each of my nerves were relaxed and all knots caressed by the end of the session. If you are visiting hair masters punjabi bagh, do not forget to ask for Mr Bunty for a neck and shoulder massage. Initially I was a bit sceptical to spend 2500 for a hair spa but while the massage was going on, I was ready to shell out a few more bucks for it to continue.


Anyways, after my final rinse and a serum application, was the time for a quick blow dry session. And I believe that the blow drying makes the hair looks so much sleeker and shiny while giving it oodles of volume at the same time. And with this our pampering session came to an end but the first thought while leaving the salon was that I so need to tell you guys about all that I had the priviledge to experience at the hair masters salon. It is a completely worth the visit place in West Delhi, Punjabi bagh and you can also avail makeup and makeover sessions along with spa and salon facilities. Plus the staff and the luxurious ambience make it all the more worth the money you’ll be shelling out.

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