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The Quick And Easy At Home Facial With Inveda Facial Kits


Hello curvies!

Climbing the ladder of age as a woman with imperfect skin in India has been such a big hurdle in my personality growth. The first thing which I have to hear (no matter how perfectly my makeup has turned out to be) the moment I enter a family gathering (from the oh-so-typical aunties of course) is that how roughed up my skin is. I have always had a troubled skin as a teenager and the skin-wars still continue till date. There are not many skin care products which have been of real help when it comes to my acne-prone skin with severe dry patches. People recommend getting regular clean ups and facials, but somehow I just don’t like the idea of any one else touching my face. To my rescue comes the at home facial kits and recently I tried my hand at the Inveda Facial Kits and man, are these babies ah-mazing.


About Inveda Facial Kits

Inveda Essential Ayurveda has since long been doing some amazing skincare products and they have come up with three new facial kits in different variants. The good part about them is that all three are meant for all skin types. Let us see the ingredients and other details of all three variants individually:

  1. Inveda Passion Fruit And Silk Protein Facial Kit

    Designed with naturally derived scientific Bio Sodium Hyaluronate & other actives to complete the Facial in a short time with visible results.
    Products in the kit (5) :
    1.Argan Oil & Dragon Fruit Cleanser 5ml * 1 pc.
    2.Argan Oil & Dragon Fruit Scrub 7ml * 1 pc.
    3.Argan Oil & Dragon Fruit Cream 10ml * 1 pc.
    4.Argan Oil & Dragon Fruit Pack 10ml * 1 pc.
    5. Argan Oil & Dragon Fruit Protective Serum 5ml * 1 pc.

    PRICE : 225 INR
    Ingredients : 1. Argan Oil – Gives skin a natural boost. 2. Dragon Fruit Extract – Fights Signs of Ageing. 3. Bio Sodium Hyaluronate – Skin conditioning humectants. 4. Panax Ginsend Extracts – Improves Complexion. 5. Ashwagandha Extract – Reduces wrinkles, dark spots, fine line and blemishes. 6. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) – Protects from UV damage


  2. Inveda Papaya And Cucumber Facial Kit

    Designed with naturally derived scientific Beta – Arbutin & other activies to complete the Facial in a short time with visible results. Efectively removes Sun Tan, Minor Blemishes & Whitens skin. For all skin type – Normal, Dry or Oily. Suits Tanned & Wheatish Complexion.
    Products in the kit (5):
    1.Papaya & Cucumber Cleanser 5ml * 1 pc,
    2. Papaya & Cucumber Scrub 7ml * 1 pc,
    3. Papaya & Cucumber Cream 10ml * 1 pc,
    4. Papaya & Cucumber Pack 10ml * 1 pc,
    5. Papaya & Cucumber Protective Serum 5ml * 1 pc.

    PRICE: 195 INRIngredients : 1. Papaya Extract – Effectively lightens complexion, 2. Cucumber Extract – Natural Bleaching agent removes Tan and Mild Scares. 3. Beta Arbutin – Lightens complexion by controling production of Melanin. 4. vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) – Protects from UV Damage


  3. Inveda Argan Oil And Dragon Fruit Facial Kit

    Designed with naturally derived scientific Silk Proteins & other actives to complete the Facial in a short time with visible results. Effectively reduces dryness & dullness, brightens up skin. For all skin type – Normal, Dry or Oily.
    Products in the kit (5) :
    1.Passion Fruit & Silk Protein Cream 5ml * 1 pc,
    2. Passion Fruit & Silk Protein Scrub 7ml * 1 pc,
    3. Passion Fruit & Silk Protein Cream 10ml * 1 pc,
    4. Passion Fruit & Silk Protein pack 10ml * 1 pc,
    5. Passion Fruit & Silk Protein protective Serum 5ml * 1 pc.

    PRICE: 245 INRIngredients : 1. Passion Fruit Oil – Protects skin from DNA- damaging fee radicals. 2. Silk Protein – Protects skin against negative influence of environment. 3. Argan Oil – Gives skin a natural boost. 4. Manjistha Extract – Keeps skin glowing, removes pimples. 5. Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbly Phosphate) Corrects Hyperpigmentation & Age Spots.


How To Use The Facial Kit?

Each of the facial kits comes with 5 sachets which have the cleanser, scrub, mask, massage cream and a facial serum. TO go step by step, the facial kit is meant to be used in the following way:

Step 1 : Cleanse the face thoroughly with a few drops of the Cleansing Cream.

Step 2 : Exfoliate gently with the Scrub for 2 to 3 minutes. Use a few drops of water for smooth movements. Clean the face.

Step 3 : Nourish with the given Massage Cream by taking small quantity at a time for about 5 to 6 minutes or till the Cream gets completely absorbed into the skin. Give right pressure and strokes. Massage can be extended if it is done professionally.

Step 4 : Rejuvenate the skin with the face pack by applying it evenly on the skin. When Semi dry, give a short massage & it will get removed. If needed use water.

Step 5 : Protect your skin with a few drops of the Protective Serum. Lightly massage till it gets absorbed fully in the skin.


My Experience

As I said, I have never been fond of getting professional facials at parlours as the idea of some one else’s hands touching my face makes me squirmish. However, at home facial kits like these ones from Inveda have totally changed the way I look at DIY At-Home Facials. All the products come is=n tiny sachets which have enough product for two uses, so you get quite a lot of value for your money. Also the quality of each of the cream, scrub, cleanser, mask and serum is top notch and neither of the three variants has till date broken me out or shown any negative reaction on my skin. As i said, I have acne prone skin with really scabby skin these days and these facial kits did not irritate my skin at all, instead (especially the argan oil and dragon fruit variant) made my skin not just look but feel better.

I tried the cucumber and papaya facial kit on my mom who has really oily and pigmented skin and regardless of the imperfections in her skin, her skin literally looked iridescent and the glow lasted for a good 1.5 weeks which is amazing. About the Passion fruit and silk protein one, I find it really tightens up my pores and does not leave the skin feel dry or stretchy.


The cleansers in all three facial kits are super smooth and clean the skin without stripping them off the essential oils. The scrubs in the kits are non abrasive but are really coarse (in the good way), they exfoliate really well without making the skin look like it has been hurt, which I really like. The face masks in all the three kits are really soothing and all of them smell really nice and relaxing. Coming to the massage creams, they are neither too thick nor too runny and feel relaxing when massaged with. The serums I believe are the essential product in the kit which not just locks in all the goodness of the facial, but also adds on hydration and locks in that glow which lasts for good 1.5-2 weeks to say the least.

Final Recommendation

For a monthly use skin care product retailing in the 200 range, and that too with class apart natural ingredients which do not irritate your skin–I am a fan of these facial kits. The only problem is that it has quantity enough for two uses and hygienically storing the product can be an issue. I for one, use it whenever bot me and my mom plan to pamper our skins, this way we do not have to think about product storage and wastage. And also, we give each other a relaxing facial so that makes it even more comfortable and relaxing.

I totally recommend these kits, do try them out and let me know your experience with these luxurious little bundles of joy. 🙂

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