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There Is A New Sartorial Box In Town Ft. Rock N Shop


Surprises, gifts, and all things exciting is what we live for. Isn't it a great feeling to receive a gift every now and then? But what if we do not have those certain few people in life who want to make us feel special at every possible opportunity? Do we loose the right to get gifts? Nope! What we do is opt for the Sartorial box, which is basically like a gift to yourself and that too whenever you feel like pampering yourself. How cool is that? And not to forget, super convenient. But there are so many boxes out there in the market, so how do we choose what is the perfect gift for us fashionable beings who do not like to compromise on quality at all?

Almost every other luxury brand these days is coming up with their own version of subscription boxes, but are all these subscription boxes really worth the money you are expected to shell out? Spending so much money for a series of boxes which you are not sure about? Not my way of spending my money. Definitely not, but we at The Curvy Princess have sorted out a one-stop luxury fashion store which has come up with a one of its kind Sartorial Box which not just meets up to all your fashion requirements but also gives you so much more than your actual money's worth. Also, you do not need to pay for a series of boxes; you just pay for the box you like it and get it. Simple. So what are you waiting for? Let's dig deeper into the crevices of Rock N Shop's Sartorial Box.

Unlike other conventional gift boxes on the block, the Sartorial Box is an experienced, professional and, hand-curated fashion and lifestyle subscription box which delivers to you the choicest of top fashion and lifestyle products. The best part about the Rock N Shop's Sartorial Box is that they keep on sprucing things up every season and change products as and per the personal and situational needs so you will not be stuck with the same kind of products time and again.

For a more clear insight into the happenings of Sartorial Box, I suggest you visit their website once and see it for yourself if the products promised to you are lucrative enough! I bet they will be, though! Also, to give their customers a deeper insight of the box, they also have the contents of the box on display on the website so that the customers can see and decide for their own, what they are heading in for. So each month, you can see for yourself what is on offer and buy the box only if you like it. Being transparent and delivering top notch brands while also saving money? What more can a subscription box do?

Also, if you are intending to get for yourself this month's specially curated Rock N Shop's Sartorial Box for yourself or your special someone then here is a sneak peek at what to expect in the box. So for this month Rock N Shop has curated a box which has almost everything a fashion queen bee would need. From Platinoir Studded Leather Jacket to Scentra Uber Eyes Women Slip-Ons; from Rashmi Modi Black Illume Small Shoulder Bag, to a pair of super cool matte blackMiami Sunglasses from Flare Eyewear, and a super sexy classic Vintage Black Choker from the house of Ti Couture. Clothes, shoes, accessories--do we really need anything more to take over the town?

Talking of the jacket, a nice fitted black leather jacket is nothing short of a staple in any classic wardrobe and when the jacket comes studded on the shoulders, it is all the more reason to grab it at once. With sturdy fabric and rocker-chic appeal, the Platinoir Studded Leather Jacket is a winner. Also, keep in mind that all the items in the box are made in a way to work very well with each other. Just take the Rashmi Modi Black Illume Small Shoulder Bag for instance, it is the perfect size for a day to night look and would work wonderfully well with the solid leather jacket. Now to add the oomph in the outfit, Rock N Shop's Sartorial Box also provides you with stunning complimentary accessories. Chokers are so much fun and are so in trend these days! And the Vintage Black Choker from Ti Couture is made up of velvet and finished off with gold finish hardware. Honestly, it screams classy to me and goes so well with the Platinoir Studded Leather Jacket

The Rock N Shop's Sartorial Box for this month also has a pair of sunglasses from Flare Eyewear range which go very well with the whole idea of a rocker chic look. They are black, matte and a statement piece to have in your closet. Now if the whole biker chic look gets too hot for you to handle, Sartorial Box has sneaked in a pair of super comfortable Scentra Uber EyesWomen Slip-Ons which are black but very easy going to tone things down a bit. The slip ons are made of a super comfortable canvas material and has a goofy imprint on them. Super easy to carry and effortlessly stylish. Isn't the Sartorial Box a complete package now? 

And yes, you just need to spend 38,000 INR to get goodies worth more than 46,250 INR in your Sartorial Box. Not just that, the website also have a section wherein you can buy each of the products from the sartorial box individually, but I suggest you get the box, all the goodies and save almost 9k worth of money, to say the least. Sartorial Box for the win forever and ever!

When are you planning to try out the Rock N Shop's Sartorial Box curvies?

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