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Your 101 Guide To Lip Primers Feat Colorbar


Hello gorgeous!

How are your days going by? Winters are at its highest peak here in India, and what does the cold months call for the most—A deep, bold, fresh lip makeup look. And fittingly so, after all which makeup look is complete without dabbing on some luxuriant feeling lip product?Whether you are going in for a nude eye and bold lip; or a bold eye and nude lip look—a perfectly done, well-sculpted lip is what you need. So let us see which lip product would create the perfect base for your lip makeup below.

What is a lip primer?


Just like your face makeup needs a well put-together, flawless base to stick on to; your lips also need a strong base for any lip product to work beautifully and to its best of ability. This base can be created with the help of a lip primer.

In simple words, lip primer is the foundation for your lips. They help in prepping and priming your lips and make your lip products stay for a longer period of time. A regular lipstick bee would tell you how a good lip primer can change the way your lip makeup holds on.

How to use a lip primer?

Lip primers come in various forms—tube packaging, clear lipstick formations, or pencil formulas—each one works aptly well and in its own unique well.

After exfoliating your lips, if using a primer in a twist-up lipstick formulation, like the one on pictures from the house of Colorbar, just apply it to the entire vicinity of your beautiful mouth, covering even the corners—just like you would apply a regular lip balm  or lipstick directly from the tube. I personally love these kind of primers as they are the most convenient of them all, and the Colorbar Lip Prime and Care fits the bill perfectly.


If using a pencil kind of packaging, use it to merely line your lips if you are wearing a bold lip color, in order to avoid the color from feathering. But you can also fill in the lips with the primer if your lipstick can be prone to smudging or creasing.

Thirdly, if using a tube like packaging with a wand applicator, apply a really thin layer of it, just like you would apply a lip gloss and wait till it dries completely. Go on and fill in the color of your choice on top of the primer. The final lip look would be so much smoother, crease-free, wrinkle-free and plumped up.


Benefits of lip primers!

  1. Smoothening of lips—the clear, matte formulation of the lip primer helps fill in the fine lip lines of the lips, there by smoothening out the lips and in return creating a plumped up look.
  2. A flawless base—a good lip primer’s main purpose is to create a flawless base to start working with, and after applying even the thinnest layer of lip primer, see your lipstick gliding ever so smoothly on your lip frame.
  3. Increasing the longetivity of your lip colors—what a lip primer does is increase the staying power of your lipstick and or lip gloss. Just imagine—smooth, crease free lips with lipstick staying on them for a good 7-8 hours—can you ask for more?


  1. Help even out the lips—many a times we have certain unevenness and imperfections on the lips, but a decent quality lip primer works miraculously to hide all the imperfections and conceal all unevenness.
  2. Prevent feathering—many a bold lip colors tend to feather out at the edges, especially if the color formulation is not matte or long-lasting. If that is the issue with you, a lip primer can come to your rescue. Just make sure to work the primer even on the edges of the lips to get the maximum results.
  3. Avoid smudging and creasing—just the way it increase the staying power, it also make sure that the lipstick stays put from the beginning to the end with almost minimal to no smudging or creasing of the lip color.IMG20170210130113

About Colorbar Lip Prime and Care Lip Primer


Colorbar is one of the most trusted Indian brands and the Lip Prime and care lip primer is one of the best lip primers available in India. And for INR 700 it accounts for one of the most affordable lip primers available in India. And as I said the lip primers come in the conventional twist up stick which is convenient and easy to use even for the makeup beginners. And for how it works, it is super smooth to apply, and the lips feel cushiony after the application. No matter how matte the lipstick is, the lips do not try out once the lip primer is applied and it fills in the lip lines and creates a smooth surface to work upon. Coming to the performance of the lip primer, after the application, my least pigmented lipstick also wears really well and even the most transferrable lipsticks stayed on for really long with minor fading and smudging. I highly recommend each one of you curvies using the Colorbar lip primer at least once in your makeup journeys.


I love it and I am pretty sure you would too. So, which lip primers are you eyeing to get an astoundingly stunning pucker?

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