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How To Style A Semi Formal Wrap Around Dress Ft Samshek


The summer vacations are almost about to end, but you still have time to make that quick weekend getaway trip. In the past, I have shown you how to go soft with your very own LBD (that’s Little Blue Dress) and an equally sultry nude lip, but this red-hot look which I am going to show you guys today isn’t just about the vampy makeup and all the extra va-va-voom… or it least it doesn’t have to be! For a soft and flowy alternative, we say, it’s gotta be the wrap dress. The now iconic sashed silhouette is still fun and flirty, but has an inherently relaxed vibe, making it easy to wear and, best of all, flattering to nearly any figure.

If you guys follow me on my Instagram handle, you guys know that I recently held a fun meet and greet with a few of my ardent followers at Barcelos recently. One of my curvy followers and Plus Size Model Akanksha Dhamija turned up wearing a super gorgeous jewel toned blue wrap dress–a wardrobe essential–and it got me thinking. The wrap dress is lauded for being day-to-evening, sexy-but-professional, good-on-any-body, ideal for travel, and timeless.


The wrap dress is perhaps the most traditional form of dressing: It’s like a robe, it’s like a kimono, it’s like a toga. It doesn’t have buttons or zippers, it is not modern nor is it conventional in the simplest terms–it is an experience in itself. But what makes any dress special is the material, the feel and the silhouette of the dress. This long red maxi-wrap around dress from Samshek is perhaps the only wrap-on dresses I have at the moment and this blog post is dedicated to my experience with this dress and if it really does flatter my body shape?


As you guys must be aware by now, Samshek is an e-clothing retailer which gives its customers the ease of customisation–be it the size, sleeves, length, style, fabric or neck. For this particular dress, I opted for medium length sleeves, a basic round neck, floor length and a red Georgette fabric, and however happy I am with the way the dress is built as per instruction, I feel the dress should have had more fitted sleeves as it would have added to the slimming effect of the dress. Also, though the fabric chosen is Georgette, it does feel a little flimsy for the kind of money one is to spent on it. I have loved Samshek as a brand as can be seen in this gorgeous Little Blue Dress which I have worn here, but I have to be honest with you guys before being loyal to any brand and thereby this little moment of truth. Yes, I was sent this dress for review purposes and it is not purchased by my own money, but then again, that does not hamper me from putting my mind out. I do not say that this dress is of very poor quality, but for a semi-luxury brand, the fabric used is not up to the mark. The fabric is really fine and gets wrinkled super easily, I got this dress ironed and packed but it did get some wrinkles by the time I reached the shoot location and changed into it hence the poor quality pictures. Both the blue and this red dress were made from Georgette fabric but I do not know why the difference is so evident. Also, I promise to get back to you guys with better and more crisp pictures.


But all of this should not hamper you from purchasing from Samshek, I have had some really good experiences with them in the past and will still recommend their retail services. However, one could skip on this dress for the mean time as according to me it is not worth the money it would cost you. But leaving the brand talk aside, I say go for a well structured, body hugging wrap-around dress which hugs your curves and cinches just below your lower bust line. Tons of online and offline stores stock such dresses and even Samshek has a few distinct wrap around designs which might be more flattering than the one mentioned here. Just make sure to get fitted sleeves and a body hugging slinky fabric with ample flow to get that bang-on wrap around diva look you desire.


P.S. This post is not sponsored and neither does it intend to bad mouth any brand. All these brands are working super hard to maintain their standards and by no means I intend to pull anyone down through this post.

Photography Credits – Adeeb Anwar

Location courtesy – Chateau, Adchini

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