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How To Style Trench Jackets On Curvy Figures Ft. Dresslily

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Hola my curvies!

You guys have been so generous in showing love to The Curvy Princess, and I can not thank you enough for it. The numbers might be next to nothing for some, but for me, the kind of personal relationships I am getting to share with you lovely people is way more than any number. And I have noticed that you guys feel the most connected when I share my personal anecdotes on the blog, so here I am with yet another personal plus-size styling post. Yes, it is a styling post, as in how I like to dress my latest obsession– my rust trench jacket for my fuller figure! So buck up people, yet another Plus Size  styling post is coming your way.

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With the winter season almost peeking here in Delhi, I really have a hard time in choosing my clothes. You ask why? Simply because neither it is summers at this time, nor are the winters completely here. The air has a slight nip to it, but it still isn’t the season to take out your sweaters and long coats. What do we wear in such seasons then? Yes, you got it right– it is the Trench coat season you guys.

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I love wearing trench coats at the onset of fall, and I prefer lighter fabrics in fun, bright colours to serve the purpose. And as of late, I have been obsessed with Dresslily website’s plus size fall clothing collection. So at one such obsessive sprees I ordered for myself a really chic looking orange-rust coloured hemming sleeves trench jacket with double pockets. Coming to explain the jacket, it has this really light, soft yet cosy material which does not cling to my body at all, making it an ideal plus size option. With the really flowy cut, the jacket accentuates my curves in a very subtle manner while still making my outfit look really put together.

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The trench jacket has hemmed sleeves, in the sense that they are roll up sleeves with a very attractive loop on the end of the roll up sleeve where you can secure it. The different kind of sleeve looks really unique and gives an over all slimming effect to the body. It has a really nice length which covers the hip area, again adding to the slimming effect. It is interesting to note though that there are very few short jackets which look flattering on a plus size figure especially if you have heavy thighs. So this kind of length is an almost ideal choice. It is the ideal length for a jacket but also is long enough to cover up the heaviest parts of our bodies–our buttocks.

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To enhance the slimming effect, I decided to pair it up with a monochrome all-black outfit with black heels and a black bag. Adding a bright rust coloured jacket to an all black ensemble, as conventional as it may sound actually is a safe bet for people who want to look all fancy but at the same time want to dress according to their body type. For this look right here, I paired my regular round-collar black tee with my patent black jeans, threw on a pair of black leather heels and topped it all of with the bright trench jacket. To make the look a little more feminine, I added a multi-layered gold neck piece in antique polish so that it looks good without taking away the attention from my centre-piece–my jacket. To pull it all together, I added my favourite Michael Kors black faux-leather handbag which also gave my look a very formal touch.

So this is how I like to style my bright coloured Trench Jacket which I got from Dresslily. How would you have styled it? Do you have any new ideas for me? And did you, or did you not like this styling post? Do let me know in the comments section below.



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