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Living The Curvy Monochrome Life Feat Nextmia


Being a plus size woman in India I was always a very conscious kid. But, bam, 2016, and I started taking my baby steps towards plus size fashion blogging and since then there has been no looking back. As an endorser of body positivity, I made sure to experiment with all sorts of fashion and bring it back to you so that all you curvies can see, If I can, then everybody can. But then there are times when even fashion bloggers want to give experimentation a break, and go back to the basic monochrome tones.


Nextmia is one of the leading e-portals for plus size fashion clothing and I sure am hooked to it. Their warehouses are based in China and have worldwide shipping with very reasonable prices. I have been regularly ordering stuff from nextmia and on one such shopping spree I came across this stunning Black Striped Spliced lace Shirt Dress and my heart just flew a mile away and got this for me. And the next moment this shirt was in my cart and then in my hands. Haha, talk about being dramatic.




Lets get real now, I have always believed in the power of black. Not just because of its slimming properties but because of the insane amount of confidence I get the moment a black dress touches my silhouette. My love for all things black is out in the open and so is my love for girly fabrics, and lacey fabrics top my favourites list. And that is for a fact, blacks and laces go really well together. They are subtle yet sexy and give just the right amount of peek a boo from underneath your wreath of confidence.


So to go with the monochrome look I simply paired this black lace shirt dress with a straight fit plain black jeans and a pair of black heels. The black and white stripes on the collars, sleeves and the hem of the dress give so much more dimension to the outfit without making it look kindergarten like. And the single striped breast pocket adds to the monochrome effect of the outfit. I have always loved pairing my basics and this one just tops it all–blacks, whites, tunics, stripes and lace, what can i ask for more.



I sure could have added a pop of colour with some contrasting heels but I find matching my bag to my heels to be too cliched, so instead I just took a super bright tomato red small sling bag which is really compact but also added that much needed pop of colour without interfering with the monochromatics of my outfit. Though my shirt dress and jeans are from the house of Nextmia , the bag is well, from a thrift shop in Delhi.


No matter how thick my things or how big my arms might look, I know I am working towards a better body and there is no need for me to ashamed of the way my body is or how I look. Whatever shape you are right in, remember that you are beautiful and to make the world believe in it, you need to believe in yourself first. love yourself no matter what, accept yourself and do not wait for acceptance from the world. You are special and lace dresses or not, you should always remember that.

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