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OOTD : What I Wore To My Fresher’s Party!

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Hello my curvies!

The Fresher Party Season is here, and with the much raved Freshers Season also comes the much dreaded time–the time when you have to choose that perfect outfit which makes you look smart, confident, screams elegance, and makes you look different but not overpowering. Sounds terrifying, right? And if by chance you are like me, choosing a first impression outfit becomes all the more difficult. But that is what we are here for, to help each other out in such times of distress. Right?

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Honestly, I am a plus size woman with a rather full figure, but that does not make me any less proud of my curvy body. So if you think being a plus size college student is the worst thing ever, think again. You have the curves to flaunt, woman, and you should love yourself for it. So coming back to the mainstream topic, choosing a dress for my freshers party. The day I got to know the date of my Freshers party (in my first year of Masters course), my hoard for finding THE perfect outfit started–i left no market untouched, from GK, Kamla nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Rajouri to the by lanes of Sarojni, but there was nothing that screamed ME. Plus, the size factor always came between me and my choice, so designing the perfect dress and getting it tailor made was the only sane option left at hand.

Our theme was Florals, and I pretty much did stick to the party’s theme by choosing a floral printed raw silk dress material for my dress.freshers 6 Although I had decided to stick to florals, i did not want the dress to look child-like or really immature, I chose to opt for a solid colour cloth for the yolk and sleeves of my dress. And voila, this is what it turned out to be. Being heavy under my waist, I wanted something which cinched at the waist and was relatively flowy downwards, hence I opted for the A-Line dress with smaller box pleats on the skirt. Box pleats can look good on a slimmer silhouette but if you are curvaceous make sure you go for the smaller and closer pleats instead of the chunky ones.







So now that the dress is sorted, we’ll come straight away to tips and tricks to accessorise a colourful but rather plain floral outfit.

freshers 1

So as I was draped in a really royal looking blue, I decided to keep things chic and sophisticated by just adding a delicate pearl string and some pearl earrings to go with it. Although Freshers is a time to look youthful and chirpy, and you might wonder why would I wear pearls to a freshers party, keep in mind that it was my Masters (post-graduation’s) freshers party. I am 22 and not 18 anymore. And to go with the pearls, I also invested in a pair of white jewelled flat sandals. Why flats, you ask? I am a plus size woman who climbs to a whopping 5’8 without shoes and heels and me are like a one sided relationship. I like them, and i want them to like me back, but they hate me; and I am so not a stalker. Period.

freshers 4

So minimal jewellery and a colourfully floral outfit is what describes my idea of the perfect freshers party for the elegant yet stylish look for a plus size girl. So you need not fret if you are on the fuller side, you are beautiful woman and to look flattering you just need to choose your outfit and accessories wisely. What is your idea of a perfect freshers party outfit? Let me know in the comments section below.















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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