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The Perfect little Mustard Dress For Curvy Bodies Ft Calae


when it comes to plus size fashion, there are a certain few rules which have been time and again told to us. Wear this, don’t wear that, do this, don’t dare do that! But who really decides these do’s and don’ts? In my opinion, plus size fashion should be stopped calling Plus Size Fashion and should be termed just fashion. DO we call super skinny people adorning fashion trends as skinny fashion? No, right? Then why the segregation of plus size bodies from the regular arena of such a wide topic as fashion?


As I was growing up, or as I was growing up hating my “Fat” body, the society and my immediate surroundings did not make it very easy for me to accept myself, leave alone getting acceptance from them. I was constantly told to do stuff which would either make me slim or would make me look slimmer. As if the sole purpose of a fat girl’s life is to fake it till she makes it to the slim category of women. Wear blacks and greys they said, avoid the brights they said! And honestly, I paid undue head to all of these “fashionable” pieces of advice for way too long.


I grew up hating colours, and loving my black painted life–literally and metaphorically. I was so cocooned in my own shell of darkness, that it took 20 years for me to come out of it. But once I came out from the darkness of my black tinted cocoon, the astounding world of colour and fashion was waiting for me to embrace. And hence came out a beautiful, confident and independent butterfly who knew what she wanted in life–and for the majority of it, she wanted her own acceptance of herself. ANd trust me, once she made up her mind, there was no looking back.




Coming back to the look we are discussing today! Mustard is such a pretty fall colour–think pumpkin spice lattes ya’ll! So despite being a subtle variant of yellow, mustard as a colour was something which I always thought would look too overwhelming on my voluptuous body and might even garner unwanted attention, but of course, all of it was before I got my hands on this stunning little mustard yellow a-line dress with a sleek waist belt and crochet work on the neck with cute little pom poms of the same colour.



The first time I tried on this dress, I fell in love with the colour and the way it fitted on my curves–but my main concern was the length! Being a super tall girl–I stand tall at 5’10–with super thick thighs, I generally shy away from super short dresses! But then cute summer dresses like these are just too adorable to not be styled, and hence I decided to make the length work for me somehow!


And this is precisely when I decided to pair up my little mustard dress from Calae with a pair of super tall brown faux leather boots to get a more monotone look, as firstly, browns and mustards are from the same family and compliment each other really well and second, the length of the boots made up for the short length of the dress very conveniently.


This does not mean that I have anything against skin show for the plus size women. We all have our distinct choices and tastes when it comes to fashion, and most women with thunder thighs have this fear of showing their legs out in open and hence, this little trick for them to be able to carry off short summer dresses with ease without feeling too insecure about their legs showing. If you want to carry this dress off with a pair of stilletoes, you are more than welcome to do it. I just felt this look best suited with these boots, hence my choice to pair them. Also, there is a nip in the air and this look is perfect for your winter day parties.


For a more warmer edition of the look, just throw on a blazer, or a faux leather jacket in the same shade as the boots, or even a long duster jacket in a contrasting colour like the one I have worn above to keep yourself warm. Instead, you could also wear a black or nude pantyhose underneath the dress and then pair it with either knee-high boots or your favourite heels to tie up the whole look together.






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