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Fuschia Activated Charcoal Detox Face Mask And Detoxifying Scrub Review


Hello lovelies!

I know that I have been posting a bit too much about the wedding season these days, but it is the festive season you guys! It needs to be acknowledged, doesn’t it? With all the glamorous dolling-up sessions and the sinful hogging, this is one of the seasons which makes me a happy kid. But lets get real, all the makeup sessions and non-diligent eating can, and sure does take a toll on our skin. That pesky little pimple which comes up just below your chin and just where your hairline starts is a sure shot sign of the damage our skin has been undergoing. But then what do we do to keep the skin in its pinkest of health? A good bi-weekly exfoliating skin care regime will just just fine if don e diligently. Your skin needs love, care, time and special attention. And if you give it the same, it will be indebted to you, forever!

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The Perfect Luxurious Pampering Sessions At Hair Masters Salon


Hola my princesses.
I am super duper down these days, ask why? Diwali is just round the corner,and here I am stuck up with writing my research paper for my Masters degree. Yes that one research paper has the potency to take all the festivity out from the festive season for me. But alas, things need to be done. But then there would be in numerous of us who’ll be stuck either at work, or with kids, or family gigs and what not. So how do we, the super busy (and tired) humans get the festive spark going in our monotonous schedules? With a pampering session at a luxury salon and spa, of course. I did the same, and I am here to share how and why Hair Masters Salon at Punjabi bagh, New Delhi is the perfect choice for all of you–men and women alike. Read more


Bringing the Nail Revolution to India with Cuccio Gel Manicures Ft. Lure Nails


Hello my curvies!

First of all, I profoundly apologise for being MIA on the blog since quite a few days now. But my college schedule just wouldn’t allow me to make time for anything. But now that it struck me, that the festive season is on its peak, I thought I might just share some of my experiences that I had been trying out in the past couple of weeks. Festivities mean glamming up and getting dolled up for the auspicious days. From head to toe, we get ready but most of the times it is our poor nails which get ignored during the whole getting ready sessions. Read more

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Battle Of The Blushes – Maybelline Cheeky Glow VS Maybeline Color Show


Hello my lovelies!
If I were to ask you about one makeup product that makes you happy by just looking at it, what would it be? For me the answer would be blushes, not because I use them a lot (no, I do not) but because those colourful little pods of love just make my soul cry with ecstasy.
I love my blushes, and as much as I love them, I really hate splurging on products I later regret. And choosing to blog about beauty and makeup I feel a responsibility towards my readers who want to know what products to invest in and what products to skip. So here I am with a comparison post of the two cutesie babies from the house of Maybelline which look like reprised versions of the same thing. Read more

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Best Budget Makeup Brands In India


Makeup—the sole obsession which can take you from rich to poor in just a matter of few purchases. Hit me on the head if I am wrong. And to ward off the poverty curse akin to good makeup, we always try to look out for brands which sell quality for cheaper prices. And such brands are generally atoned as Drugstore brands and are generalised as pocket friendly brands. True that we love bargain products, but we need to understand the difference between drugstore brands and reasonably priced brands.
What may be categorised as drugstore aborad, like L’Oreal, may not be necessarily that pocket friendly for us in India. So below I have enlisted top 5 makeup brands which deliver amazing quality at actually cheap prices. So in no particular order, here we go. Read more

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My Experience With The Root Deep Hair Treatment At AAYNA Clinic


Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror”

-Khalil Gibran

 Merhaba my princesses!

Today’s post is about a cosmetology clinic review, and all those spa feels have got me go very Saudi-ish. And those of you who don’t know, merhaba is basically a greeting equivalent to hello in the Turkish language. Why Turkish, you may ask? Well, the reasons are many fold. The first being the fact that the hair spa I experienced at the Aayna clinic made me feel all luxuriant, and secondly, the continuous playing of Fatmagul, a Turkey based story adaptation on the dreaded Zindagi channel on television has finally started to take a toll on me. Enough for a mini rant, getting back to the review now.                                   Read more


All You Need To Know About LED Laser Therapy Treatment


Many of my elder friends and family members (so many that i have lost count now) have asked me about the rapidly growing LED laser therapy and how should they use them for skincare advancements. So, instead of briefing you ladies with just the bare minimum, we at The Curvy Princess decided to a full, detailed blog post on LED Laser therapy. Buckle up ladies!

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How to use a foot file?

dry feet

Hello beautiful!

Summer season is on the verge of ending, and who can tell that better than your distraught feet? All the days of wearing open-feet sandals and shoes has lead to our, at least mine feet looking dull and heaped on with dry-scaly skin. And personally, I do not like my feet in such condition. Our feet are most probably the worst-treated part of our body—it supports all our weight and yet we tend to pay the least amount of attention to them. Just like we pamper our facial and body skin; our feet need to feel loved too—at least once a week if not regularly! Read more


The beginners guide to NAIL ART TOOLS


My favourite means of passing time is to stick around the internet and saving ideas for unique and latest nail art ideas. And the rest of my time is spent cringing about how I am never able to recreate those beautifully adorned nails. But thanks to the heavy dose of brilliant tricks and tips, I have finally combated my fear of nail-art designing. Undoubtedly, regular trips to a nail art salon can be very expensive, so let me talk you into the tools of the trade. Keep reading. Read more

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How To Improve The Texture Of Your Hair The Cheap Way


Hello gorgeous people!
People these days are all about purchasing the most expensive of the expensive products to nourish their hair and improve the way it looks and feels, without realising that it is not those insanely priced hair products; but simple amendments in their habits and lifestyle is waht will make the noticeable change in their tresses!
A few simple tips, tricks, and a lot of love is all that your hair needs to attain the hair texture that you have always dreamt of! Read below to know more! Read more