The Dilli-Wala’s Guide to Delhi Street Food


Delhi is indisputably the political as well as the gastronomical capital of India. Food is not just food for dilliwala’s, but a passion, the flame of which is ignited all the more when we hear the sound of mouth-watering street food. From zesty green chutney laden kathi rolls, to the sweet lassi accompanied by a scrumptious plate of cholle-puri; from spicy golgappas and bhelpuris which have the ability to burn the very insides of your mouth to the heart rendering, sweet-as-heaven, piping hot jalebis; street food is the very soul of us dilliwala’s. And trust me we have a hell loads of variety when it comes to street foods alone, leave out the cuisines we all love for now.

Here is my compilation of the most loved street foods and places where you can get the best of them at very pocket friendly prices. Read more