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Insight Concealer Foundation Review And Swatches


For anyone who knows me knows what a sucker I am for budget makeup products. It is not that I do not like splurging on high end makeup but if I can get a quality product for the quarter of the conventional prices, I am all game for it. In the hoard of exploring the much heard about brands, we tend to forget our local Indian brands which are capable of giving the international brands a run for their money and are most of the times priced really reasonably. One such brand which came to my vanity after much exploration is INSIGHT cosmetics. And this is for a fact that if a brand can do quality base makeup, it has to be good. So let us dig into the review for one of its best selling products, The Concealer Foundation. Read more

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The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundation Review and Swatches!


Hello lovelies!

How have my honey buns been doing? This wedding season has made me go crazy with trying out all different sorts of base makeup—all the foundations, primers, concealers, and what not! And choosing out the best from the lot to present to you beauties is a responsibility I have taken up on my shoulders! 😛

So here we go with the most expensive foundation I have ever invested in *sob* *sob* and was not pleased much with the results! Dig in to know more the reason why I wail! Read more

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Makeup Tips For The Women Of Colour


Hello gorgeousness!

Have you ever realised that whenever we look for makeup tips, we get light skinned girls flaunting any makeup with ease. If we look for dark skin then mostly we get to see, dark African, ebony skin tones. Dark or dusky Indian skin is neither fair to medium nor too dark and so finding the right makeup suggestions for such skin tones is quite a task.
Makeup is an art of enhancing the best features of a person so that the flaws remain hidden and only the features which are pleasing to the eye are projected. Makeup is not a child’s play as I can transform an average looking women into a drop dead gorgeous Glam Doll. The perfect makeup is when the onlooker doesn’t believe that the beautiful features of a woman are not real but just wonderful job of makeup. Read more