Festival Inspired Cupcakes At Crowne Plaza Gurugram


The much awaited Diwali season is almost here! Keeping with the spirit of the festivities,Crowne Plaza® Gurugram, organized a creative workshop to bake and decorate ‘Diwali inspired novelty cupcakes’ and bring a modern twist to the festive celebrations, this year.

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10 Reasons To Justify Your Man Crushing Over Diljit Dosanjh

diljit 1

When it comes to talking about celebrity heart throbs, there is just one man who kills it all–especially if you are from the Dosanjh Addicted clan. And that cute heart, my friends, is the one and only Diljit Dosanjh. Starting off as a low key man from a small pind in Punjab, Dosanjh, Diljit has had the valour to make it big. From music videos, to punjabi movies, bollywood and mainstream television and reality shows, this man has seen it all with his long years of hard work and commitment. He is cute, there is no denying that, but there is so much more to this humble personality than just his cute smile.

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The Indian Fusion Food Chronicles At Warehouse Cafe Gurgugram

Vodca Infused Mahi Tikka

India as a nation has always welcomed new cultures, traditions and cuisines and embraced it with open arms. And as the people of the nation we have been always open to let the fusion of west and east spruce up and let it flavours flow. So on the 8th of January, one of my favourite cafes in town launched its Indian Fusion Food Festival which is to go on till the 31st of December. And it goes without saying that I was one of their first few customers to try out the fusion food being served at the festival and get back to you guys with a complete review of the same. Keep on reading to know if the festival is way worth your money.

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US Cranberries Enter The Indian Markets With A Bang


Hello my curvies!

Not many of you might be aware of the fact that I have since my teenage years craved for a trip to the states, but my desires are for real. And if there are two things which excite me the most about my future USA trip, it is drugstore makeup and fresh cranberries. But what if I tell you that you could stock up on the very best of cranberries now here in India itself? Yes, that’s right. So very recently, I was graced with the opportunity to devour in a master class with Chef Saby and US Cranberries, and what ensued was good food and delectable conversations.

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Ansal Plaza All Set For A Mind-blowing Relaunch

ansal 1

Delhi’s First Mall Is All Set For A High Voltage Re-Launch

So now Delhiites can look forward to enjoying the good life in the heart of the city with North India’s first mall Ansal Plaza all set for a grand re-launch this year.

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The Singing Brothers To Connect Over Music


Punjabi Singing Sensations Daler Mehndi And Mika Singh To Share Stage For The First Time.

For the first time in 18 years, the two brothers – Mika Singh and Daler Mehndi will be seen together shaking their legs and tapping to the beats. And if rumours are to be believed, their come-together is backed by none other than Salman Khan. Read more


Now Tango twists each Friday at Erose, Nehru Place


An Argentine Tango Evening at a Eros Hotel Nehru Place was all in place to make Delhietes taste some tango moves on a weekend.
Being the only regular milonga in town that too in a 5 star property, we were effectively transported to the milongas held in Buenos Aires. Milonga by the way is a tango social. A place, where everyone who knows tango, dances. And, lest to forget only tango music is played.
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The Chinjabi Food Spree At Circus, South Extension II.


Circus, one word which brings back all the childhood memories flooding! Circus, one word which creates an aura of cheerfulness and colour all across our minds! Yes, circus is one word, one place, one thing which makes everyone happy, no matter what. And now that the good old circus watching days are long gone, it is so convenient to find solace in circus themes restaurants and lounges. One such impeccably done circus themed restaurant is this gorgeous little place situated in South Extension II, Delhi. Not only is this place named after the legendary circus, but also tastefully done keeping in mind the true spirit of the lively circus! Read more

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5 Lesser Known Facts About Adnan Sami


Singers come and singers go, but Adnan Sami Khan is forever. And why shouldn’t he be? He is not only a legendary singer, the most famous indi pop star of all times, the fastest pianist in the world, but also a real life inspiration for most of us. Adnan sami proved to be an inspiration not only for the obese people who have been struggling with their weight issues but also for everyone who has ever felt the lack of will power in themselves. Adnan Sami is the epitome of sheer hardwork, will power and self perseverance. But his weight loss success story is not the only thing which he should be known for. Read more