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Svayam Naturals Sesame And Coconut Oil Review


Hello lovelies!

So recently I got the opportunity to try out a few really cool all-natural, handmade products from a relatively new brand called Svayam Naturals. Now that I have been using tons of crafted artificial beauty products since like years now, my skin and my hair really craved a dose of natural goodness. And svayam natural’s range of hair and bath oils reached me just in time. So after 2 weeks of having used and tested it, I am here to review the two different oils; coconut hair oil and sesame bath oil, on the blog. Keep on reading to know more.

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The Nature’s Co. Vitamin Hair Conditioner Review


Hello my damsels!

I am the last person who you will find grooming or styling their hair. Belonging to a Sikh family, I have never trimmed or styled my hair, and whatever hair I have on my scalp is just the natural growth which has been cropping since 1994. So cutting it short, I solely rely on my hair care routine for proper growth and nourishment which I aim to achieve through my hair oils, shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. And I have tried so many of them for coming to a conclusion about my favourite hair care products. In my hoard to find my perfect hair conditioner, I tried The Nature’s Co. Vitamin Hair Conditioner and here is the detailed review of the same.  Read more


Best Hair Straighteners For Every Budget


Hello lovelies!

Some things in the life of fashionista are eternal—be it the winged eye, red pout, little black dress or sleek and straight hair! Yes, some things are forever! Though you may have encountered innumerous posts on the perfect red lips or the perfect winged eyeliner, today we bring to you the tried and tested guide to get those silky, sleek and straight locks without having to use those horrendously bulky irons which leave you at the risk of skin burns, almost everytime!

So here we go with the list of THE best hair straighteners available for you gorgeous ladies in the Indian markets! Read more