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The Indian Fusion Food Chronicles At Warehouse Cafe Gurgugram

Vodca Infused Mahi Tikka

India as a nation has always welcomed new cultures, traditions and cuisines and embraced it with open arms. And as the people of the nation we have been always open to let the fusion of west and east spruce up and let it flavours flow. So on the 8th of January, one of my favourite cafes in town launched its Indian Fusion Food Festival which is to go on till the 31st of December. And it goes without saying that I was one of their first few customers to try out the fusion food being served at the festival and get back to you guys with a complete review of the same. Keep on reading to know if the festival is way worth your money.

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Experiencing The Exquisite French Cuisine At Delifrance Cyber Hub


Hello my lovelies!

When I first started off my journey as a blogger, I knew my blog will not be confined to one particular niche, instead it will be an e-diary of my journey, in which I will be listing all that I love, hate and adore. Every journey that I may embark upon will be pitched down here for you lovelies to read and if possible, recreate. And if it comes to jotting down things and places that I love, I just cannot miss mentioning this one quaint little french cafe located in the busting cyber hub area of Gurugram.  Read more

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Relishing The All New Breakfast Menu At Smokeys BBQ and Grill, Khan Market


Hola my princes and princesses!

Gone are the days when restaurants and cafes were meant for the sole purpose of fancy lunches and dinners. And now with the festive season bringing along with it loads of holidays; restaurants and cafes are all prepared for launching their exquisite breakfast menus. All of us have a certain few favourite restaurants which we tend to visit and revisit time and again. One such favourite place for me and my team is Smokeys BBQ and Grill, a very american inspired eatery in the suburbs of Khan Market, Delhi. And when your favourite place launches a new menu, paying them a visit and updating all you people about it becomes more of an unquestioned task.

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The Chinjabi Food Spree At Circus, South Extension II.


Circus, one word which brings back all the childhood memories flooding! Circus, one word which creates an aura of cheerfulness and colour all across our minds! Yes, circus is one word, one place, one thing which makes everyone happy, no matter what. And now that the good old circus watching days are long gone, it is so convenient to find solace in circus themes restaurants and lounges. One such impeccably done circus themed restaurant is this gorgeous little place situated in South Extension II, Delhi. Not only is this place named after the legendary circus, but also tastefully done keeping in mind the true spirit of the lively circus! Read more

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Every 90’s kid vividly remembers the iconic Addams House show which used to air on cartoon network and used to give me goosebumps even though it was a comedy show and not a horror cartoon, but yes, Me being the coward I am, the show somehow got my adrenaline pumping. Haha, so enough of me!

Keeping in mind the iconic Addams House cartoon, the team behind the lounge came up with a very innovative idea and that innovation resulted in the #notnormalbrewery cum #pub named the Addams House Lounge. Read more




Gurugram, May, 2016:  Breweries, VIPs, abundant beer events and a week-long extravaganza of all things sudsy, Gurugram is all set to celebrate the first ever Beer Week powered by Zomato.

Never before has the buzz been this great, the celebration promises the rapid expansion of Gurugram’s craft beer culture, thanks to a slew of new breweries and the astronomical growth of the craft brewing industry seen in every corner of the city that has gained increased traction in the culinary sphere.Scheduled from 11th June to 18th June 2016, Beer Week is a 8 days series fuelled by events that will take place in Gurugram breweries to unite thousands of craft beer enthusiasts& food lovers for a unique tippling experience. Read more


Janpath Opens Its Own Grill With The Janpath Grill House!

janpath grill 3

The concept of live grills has long sank in the mind sets of Indian Restaurateurs but it is always nice to see them coming up with a fresh take on the now-conventional and rather monotonous grill concepts. And Janpath Grill House completely fits the whole drill of live grilled kebabs but also breathes a fresh spook of air in the whole dining experience by their exemplary show of creativity in the food they serve. And this place is not just about nicely presented food but also about uber chic seating and prime location in Janpath which is also really accessible. The first thing that strikes the site is the full size miniature of a typical Delhi autorickshaw wherein stands an employee who guides you to your tables. Upon entering, the wall on the left is what captures the whole of Delhi and its typical Dilli-Wala aura. So the restaurant is a two storey affair with live barbecues statured on all the tables where you can have your live starters and the main course is served in a buffet spread along with the dessert section on the ground floor itself. Read more