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The New Oriflame Eco Beauty Range Review



Hello lovelies!

Its been so long since I reviewed any skincare product range on the blog but with the weather changing like crazy in Delhi, my skin had been on such bad terms with me that I could not afford to experiment with my skincare regime. And now, that my skin is ready to behave a little better, I have been able to try out a completely new skincare product line launched by Oriflame Sweden. To begin with, I have really oily and seldom acne-prone skin and all the reviews posted below are based on my experience and are not generic. Read more

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B U Forever Raspberry Hand Treats Review

bu forever 2

Hello curvies,

With summers blooming int heir full glory, along with my damaged skin, my hands have been craving some attention so bad. Almost all skincare brands launch their iridescent summer collections with delectable, summery, fruity floral scents and flavors–and B U Forever did just the same by launching their Raspberry Hand Treats Kit. After having finished my kit in a time span of 3 weeks, here I am with a full-fledged review of the kit which is not just convenient to use but is very travel-friendly because of the miniature size bottles.  Read more

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Svayam Naturals Neem Face Pack Review


Hello gorgeous ladies!
So a few days back I posted my first ever review of a few bath and hair oils from a relatively new brand called Svayam Naturals; and my oh my, how you guys loved it! So I thought why not jump over to another review from the same brand; a product which is my current obsession and should reach out to all of you. And here I am with the review for Svayam naturals Neem face pack review for you guys.

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Svayam Naturals Sesame And Coconut Oil Review


Hello lovelies!

So recently I got the opportunity to try out a few really cool all-natural, handmade products from a relatively new brand called Svayam Naturals. Now that I have been using tons of crafted artificial beauty products since like years now, my skin and my hair really craved a dose of natural goodness. And svayam natural’s range of hair and bath oils reached me just in time. So after 2 weeks of having used and tested it, I am here to review the two different oils; coconut hair oil and sesame bath oil, on the blog. Keep on reading to know more.

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Biotique Botanicals Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Wash Review


Biotique has been a teenage beauty staple for me. I still remember buying my first tube of face wash from Biotique when I was 11. And my love for biotique face washes has forever evolved since then. Face washes have been my most favourite skin care item since forever. And why should they it be. They are any oily skinned woman’s best friend. And here I am, reviewing one of my favourite face washes from the house of Biotique Botanicals, the Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Wash.

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The Quick And Easy At Home Facial With Inveda Facial Kits


Hello curvies!

Climbing the ladder of age as a woman with imperfect skin in India has been such a big hurdle in my personality growth. The first thing which I have to hear (no matter how perfectly my makeup has turned out to be) the moment I enter a family gathering (from the oh-so-typical aunties of course) is that how roughed up my skin is. I have always had a troubled skin as a teenager and the skin-wars still continue till date. There are not many skin care products which have been of real help when it comes to my acne-prone skin with severe dry patches. People recommend getting regular clean ups and facials, but somehow I just don’t like the idea of any one else touching my face. To my rescue comes the at home facial kits and recently I tried my hand at the Inveda Facial Kits and man, are these babies ah-mazing.

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Fuschia Activated Charcoal Detox Face Mask And Detoxifying Scrub Review


Hello lovelies!

I know that I have been posting a bit too much about the wedding season these days, but it is the festive season you guys! It needs to be acknowledged, doesn’t it? With all the glamorous dolling-up sessions and the sinful hogging, this is one of the seasons which makes me a happy kid. But lets get real, all the makeup sessions and non-diligent eating can, and sure does take a toll on our skin. That pesky little pimple which comes up just below your chin and just where your hairline starts is a sure shot sign of the damage our skin has been undergoing. But then what do we do to keep the skin in its pinkest of health? A good bi-weekly exfoliating skin care regime will just just fine if don e diligently. Your skin needs love, care, time and special attention. And if you give it the same, it will be indebted to you, forever!

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TheFaceShop is All Set To Enter The Indian Markets


Hello there my curvies!

So there was a time when I so miserably hated the notion of experimenting with my makeup and skincare product. yes, I behaved like an obnoxious little old woman, only that I was never little, tbh! But there are times which demand change and changing with times is all for the best. As much as I love sticking to basics, I cannot deny that korean skincare products have always been my weakness, not just because of their super cute and chic packagings but also the above excellence quality. New brands entering the Indian markets is always a welcome in my vision and when the brand is The Face Shop, you need to give the brand some credit.  Read more


All You Need To Know About LED Laser Therapy Treatment


Many of my elder friends and family members (so many that i have lost count now) have asked me about the rapidly growing LED laser therapy and how should they use them for skincare advancements. So, instead of briefing you ladies with just the bare minimum, we at The Curvy Princess decided to a full, detailed blog post on LED Laser therapy. Buckle up ladies!

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Skin Toner — What Exactly Does It Do?


Hello girlies,
Hope you all are doing well! The weather is so utterly beautiful, yet so humid in Delhi. And weather like this always makes me all the more conscious towards by skin care regimen.
No, I do not mean that you can be inconsiderate towards your skin for the rest of the year, but what I mean to say is that your skin needs that extra attention during the monsoon months, as the skin tens to get a lot more oily, sticky, and let’s not even talk about the dirt and grime which sticks on to the sticky surface in this humid weather. Reason enough to care for your skin a little more intensively? Read along. Read more