Make-up for newbies


You know, the most beautiful thing about makeup is that it has scope for individuality.

Make-up can be fun, and exciting; but at the same time it can get overwhelming. Each one of us has a phase in our lives when we feel like exploring the make-up aisles; but looking at the huge variety, we seem lost. Same happened with me, and I felt like having an expert guide to lead me through my make-up hoarding sessions. But you are the few lucky ones, for whom we have compiled a go-to list of the bare basics of make-up which you couldn’t and shouldn’t do without.


Starting with the face, I would recommend getting your face prepped. Think of make-up as an art, you as a make-up artist and your face as a canvas. And art looks beautiful if the artist has a clean canvas to work upon.

  1. Toner: Invest in a toner. End of story. I have no idea why people tend to skip up this one little step. Some of you might be thinking, toner is skin care, why have I included it under make-up. I know technically toner is not make-up, but I swear that toned skin holds on to make-up beautifully. Toner helps in tightening your pores, and even helps the moisturizer to penetrate in your skin much deeper. And a moisturized skin with tight, less visible pores helps in flawless, even make-up application. After cleansing your face use a cotton swab doused with toner, to remove any excess cleansing solution left over on the skin to give you a flawlessly clean face to work with.

FAB INDIA TEA TREE SKIN TONER is what I religiously use and swear by. It works beautifully.

  1. Tinted moisturizer or BB or CC Creams: Now comes the real make-up part. After toning your skin, slather it with a nourishing moisturizer. For days when you feel like wearing make-up, but are afraid to look cakey due to inefficient foundation application, try opting for tinted moisturizers which would moisturize the skin along with giving a sheer coverage. BB or CC Creams also play kind of similar functions, while providing better coverage than moisturizers.

VLCC ENBRIGHTEN TINTED SUNSCREEN SOUFFLE comes with SPF 25 PA++ and comes for just Rs 275. It is a safe bet when it comes to tinted moisturizers. For choosing the perfect bb cream for your skin, read my article on BENEFITS OF BB CREAMS here.


  1. Primer: Yes, these little portions of awesomeness are pure heaven, but they come with high set prices which can more often than not burn a hole in the pockets of most of us. Nonetheless, priming your face is a must and therefore I have found an easy (and cheap) way out of this problem.

Try a drug-store product named EMOLENE in place of your primer; trust me, it works wonders, and is priced at just Rs. 120. UBAN DECAY PRIMER PORTION is a pricier product but is magnificent. Price- Rs.1400 approximately.


  1. Concealer: The name concealer itself means concealing, and what do we generally conceal on our gorgeous faces are ugly pimples, blemishes, redness and dark under eye circles or bags. For best looking make-up results invest in two different concealers, even if you are an amateur.
  2. Illuminating Under-Eye concealer—Under-eye concealers should generally be moisturizing so that they help in giving a dewy finish to your tired eyes. Try opting for a concealer with an in-built highlighter, which could help in instantly brightening the eye area while making you look a lot more awake.
  3. Spot or Blemish concealer: The second type of concealer should be for hiding the overall imperfections on your face. These types of concealers should have a matte finish devoid of any shimmer, as anything luminous will attract attention towards the problem areas rather than hiding them.

You should undoubtedly invest in a good quality under eye concealer, as the cheaper ones can often leave your eyes looking ashy. And, instead of looking for heavy coverage foundations, choose decent concealers which will hide only the specific imperfections without making you look all made-up. Try opting for BOBBI BROWN CONCEALERS; they are the best in India. Go for its TINTED EYE BRIGHTENER for under eye area and the CONCEALER AND CORRECTOR for the rest of the face.


  1. Compact powder: yes, yes! I am indeed talking about those cute little packaging’s women are shown in television advertisements touching up their make-up with. I wonder how a woman with normal to oily skin can even dream to live without a compact powder handy. (Girls with dry skins, oh you are so lucky.) Powders not only soak up any excess oils from your face, giving your face a fresh look; they also help in mattyfying the skin along with sheerly covering up slight imperfections.

Maybelline CLEAR GLOW ALL IN ONE FAIRNESS COMPACT POWDER, priced affordably at Rs. 199 is the best for beginners.




  1. Blush bronzer kit: Ok, I am myself not a big fan of blushes and bronzers but I cannot deny how beautiful they can look if applied flawlessly. After the dose of bb creams and concealers, some women feel their skin is left looking too pale. If you are one of those women, blushes are made just for you. It is a nice way to add a hint of color to your face, giving you a freshly done make-up look. Though contouring is undoubtedly for the experts, a slight dab of bronzer on the desired spots can work wonders in creating fake shadows, and thus sculpting your face. You DO NOT have to buy all or any of these, neither is it necessary to incorporate them in your make up kit, but it can be a pretty little addition if you like it.

Try Maybelline’s CHEEKY GLOW BLUSHES which are oh-so-affordable at Rs 275 and come in a chic packaging. For bronzers, you should opt for LAKME ABSOLUTE SUN-KISSED BRONZER as a budget product for beginners. Price Rs 600.




  1. Kajal or Kohl pencil: Indian women cringe at the mere idea of having to live without our basic black kajal pencil, so this is a complete no-brainer. But why I mentioned it in this list was to make you realize that your old kajal pencil can be used in other ways than just basic lining your water line. It can be used for a fake-eyeliner look, i.e. tight lining your upper lash line. This would give the impression of a fuller lash line without you having to make any extra efforts to do so. Go on collecting as many colors you can, but blues, browns and purples are the safest bets for Indian skin tones.

If you are into retractable pencils, the affordable MAYBELLINE THE COLOSSAL KAJAL should be the go to choice. And for a creamier kohl pencil, LAKME ABSOLUTE KOHL ULTIMATE is the best option.


  1. A pale-pink eye pencil: Now let’s be real, we have all seen white women with pale skins going rocking the most raved about white eyeliner on their water lines. But we in India are prone to much more pigmented skins, and white eyeliners just do not suit us as they stand in stark contrast to our warm-toned yellowish skins. So to get the wide-awake, doe-eyed look, use a pale-pink or taupe colored eye pencil on the inner corners of your eyes, near the tear duct. Some of you may think that pink eyeliner is too pro. But that is where many of us are mistaken, pink eyeliner is one thing which can open up your eyes, without even having to apply any other make-up. It is a saver, I promise.

BOURJOIS KOHL AND CONTOUR EYELINER PENCIL- 08 ROSE FANTAISISTE is the go-to pale pink eyeliner in the Indian markets. And the best part, you get a whopping 1.14 grams for merely 195 Rs.


  1. A felt-tip or gel eyeliner: I know gel eyeliners are hyped to be high-maintenance liners, but trust me, I started using them as a novice and fell in love with them instantly. Though it took a couple of days to master the art of lining the eyes with a brush loaded with the product, the wait was worth it. They give very bold matte finishes, but if you are more into glossy looking eyeliners, go for felt-tip eye liners instead of liquid eye liners as they can give more precise application; taking into consideration that you are a beginner and an amateur at make-up.

I would personally recommend MAYBELLINE EYE STUDIO LASTING DRAMA GEL EYELINER in blackest black, priced oh-so-beautifully at Rs. 475. For a felt tip liquid liner, go for MAYBELLINE HYPER SHARP Liner for Rs 425.


  1. Eyelash curler: Agreed, eyelash curler is not exactly make-up but a make-up tool. But somehow I had to include this in the list of products for a beginner. What an eyelash curler basically does is to curl your lashes beautifully, making your eyes look wider and more awake. Even if you do not want to use any eye makeup, just curl your lashes for that instant lift to your face. Try opting for plastic eye lash curlers over metal curlers, to avoid giving the BENT LASH look. Plastic curlers give a more natural curl, not to forget they come in a beautiful array of colors.

Give VEGA EYELASH CURLERS a try. They have some really nice and affordable ones.


  1. Mascara: Well, there are no second thoughts that most of the women tend to feel naked without their mascara. And why shouldn’t they? It is such a beautiful product, which has the ability to take your entire look a notch up with just a few swipes. A good mascara is “the” ultimate product in a newbie’s life to set into the make-up feel. Just make sure to toss it out after the set 3-months mark or when the mascara starts thickening and looking clumpy on the lashes.

L’OREAL PARIS FALSE LASH ARCHITECT 4D MASCARA, priced at Rs 795 is THE best. End of story. For a budget alternative, go for MAYBELLINE THE COLOSSAL VOLUME EXPRESS MASCARA for just Rs 300.





  1. A tinted lip balm: A complete no brainer, lip balms are the perfect addition to any make up kit for all seasons. Winters or summers, your lips need moisturization, and what better way than to slather them with a tinted lip balm. They give the lips a just bitten look making them look oh-so-succulent.

MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS are rocking the Indian markets, and now they have launched many more exciting variants to the existing line. Priced at Rs 150-165 on average, these babies are a complete steal. Even NIVEA has some fairly exciting lip balms in fruity and floral flavors, which are heavenly. Try NIVEA FRUITY SHINE in PINK GUAVA, priced at just Rs 135.


  1. A flesh toned lip liner: Now if you have crossed the just-lip-balm phase of your make-up journey, now comes the time to venture into the world of crisply lined yet perfectly blended lips. A flesh toned lip liner, or a lip liner which matches very closely to your natural lip color is a great way to start with the lining process. It is very forgiving; mistakes are not so clearly visible while giving your lips a chance to look fuller. It also helps your lipstick last a bit longer. You can even wear just the lip liner by itself, filling your lips completely with it and adding a touch of your favorite lip balm over it.

Go get hold of JORDANA LIP LINER in NATURAL, which comes at just Rs 125 something. Alternatively, you can go for COLORESSENCE LIP LINER PENCIL in NUDE PINK, which is worth the 299 Rs you pay for it.


  1. A perfect nude lip color: Now, this is completely optional. Whether you are more into bold lip colors or subtle nude lips, it is your personal choice. But generally, subtle colors are more easy to pull off without having to worry about the darker shades smudging or feathering on the lips. Not to forget getting stains of the darker hues on your teeth. Opt for a brownish pinkish nude lip color depending on your skin color and make your way through beautiful nude lips. Pairing it with your flesh-toned lip liner can take your lip look up a mark.

I would swear by REVLON SUPER LUSTROUS LIPSTICK in NATURALLY NUDE, which priced at Rs 550 is sort of reasonable. It would beautifully compliment Indian skin tones, glowing with peachy cheeks and deeply kohled eyes. Try getting hold for ESSENCE LIPSTICK in IN THE NUDE for a chic finish.


  1. Clear gloss: Clear gloss is one make-up bag staple which we have been using since the time we all joined high school. And why not, it is the perfect solution to add a hint of sheen to your otherwise natural looking lips. Clear gloss if used by itself, can beautifully complement your subtle eye look, but you can also pair it up with your lined and lipstick filled lips to give it a glossy finish, everyone is so envious of.

MAYBELLINE COLOR SENSATIONAL HIGH SHINE LIP GLOSS is the perfect budget lip gloss, and what’s more, it comes in beautiful colors too. NYX MEGA SHINE lip gloss is good too, only if you can get hold of any. Go shine.



  1. A decent make-up remover: At last, no make-up kit can be entitled complete without the inclusion of a good quality make-up remover. All the make-up you apply to your face, no doubt, beautifies and accentuates your natural loveliness; but it can wreak havoc on your skin if left on for longer periods of time, especially while you sleep. Surely no one wants visible pores and break outs on their skin; so to terminate this side-effect of make-up, invest in a good make-up remover which is potent enough to remove even the most stubborn water-proof makeup.

MAC has some really efficient make up removers, and MAC CLEANSE OFF OIL is one such beauty which is 100% mineral free and is a great makeup dissolver. Though priced at Rs. 1600 for a good 150ml of quantity, it is worth each penny you shell out. For a more budget friendly yet quite effective remover would be LAKME ABSOLUTE BI-PHASED MAKE-UP REMOVER which is gentle enough for the whole face. And you get 60 ml for just Rs 225. Really?


Girls, “The Curvy Princess” has a gorgeous philosophy regarding makeup. Make-up is meant to enhance your beautiful features, and not overpower you. No, I am not a professional make-up artist, nor am an expert; I am just a common girl who wanted to share my advice after going through huge numbers of trial-and-errors, so that you do not have to undergo them.

Hope this article helps you shop make-up wisely. J

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