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Welcome The New Year In Style With AMYDUS


3 days to 2018 and all I can think of is ways to dress up for the party season! With Christmas just gone and the new year’s eve knocking upon our doors, it is more than justified to be in all the feisty moods that we want to. But with all the parties and the fun comes the stress of worrying about the dressing up our curvy bodies to the point where we do not just look drop dead gorgeous but also keep our ensemble super flattering.


If you guys have been following me on my Instagram, you guys know I wore this one stunner of an outfit for my Christmas 2017 party and you guys could not stop asking where it came from. Coming as no surprise to you, this unique green color winter party dress is from my all-time favorite brand Amydus. No points for guessing this though! 😉


Emeralds and greens speak classy fall to me and this super gorgeous shade from Amydus neither is a jewel-toned green nor a flaccid bottle green, but a very fin combination of both making it bright and fun but not too flamboyant. This is the kind of color which looks fun but is super classy and chic at the same time.


I love pairing up my plain dresses to amp them up and pull the whole look together. For this look, I simply added a medium width black waist belt to cinch in everything! Pop on some black pointy stilettos, oversized black glasses with gold rims, some black and gold chunky earrings, a gold mesh strap watch for the extra edge and a killer smile. And this is how you get ready and pepped for an amazing Christmas party or even a crazy night out!



Without a doubt, super fitting straight dresses and bodycons do garner attention to every nook and cranny or as I like to call it every bulge of the body, but this is where this dress scores all the brownie points. Wear it with a waist to create a straighter look to the dress or wear it alone without a belt and see that semi A-line seam  of the dress working its magic on your gorgeous curves.


As much as I love a tiny cinched waist, this dress undoubtedly looks equally prettier without a belt as well. The curvacious grounds that this dress holds makes it the perfect combo of casual chic, style and comfort and that is what exactly I look out for in my clothes. Like being polished and all is nice but if comfort comes along with it, I am a fan!


Also, this dress clearly busts the misconception that fat women should only wear broad necks to look slimmer. As much as I love wearing a deep boat neck, I believe that these super snug cowl necks are as cute if not better and are the perfect solutions to the biting cold weather of Delhi. Warm dress with a cuddly neck? I just need a hot chocolate to get into the winters mood baby!

_MG_7561 All of these pictures were shot at a quaint little cafe in CP, 52 Janpath and the open courtyard is a must visit place in these winters. Go check it out!

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